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Deathloop Final Preview: What It’s Like To Play

Tam and Lucy got their hands on Deathloop just ahead of its release on September 14. Hear what they thought about how it plays.


Deathloop is coming on September 14, marking a big exclusive for PlayStation 5 (and oddly enough, published by Microsoft Game Studios). Our own Tamoor Hussain and Lucy James got their hands on the game for a final preview ahead of release.

This was an extended, five-hour preview of the action game from Arkane, so the two have plenty of thoughts on the types of powers they dabbled with, how it feels to actually traverse the mysterious island, and more. Watch their chat below, and for more, check out our Deathloop preorder guide and everything we know.

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Deathloop stars Colt, an assassin caught in a time loop on an island where rich hedonists are holding a never-ending party due to the island's time loop. As you relive the same time period over and over you'll learn the habits and rituals of the party-goers and try to break the loop by taking out a list of key targets. But at the same time, he's being hunted by the only other person who appears to retain knowledge between time loops, an equally capable female assassin named Jules.

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