Death Stranding Modder Confirms You Can't See Norman Reedus' Penis

Some mysteries are better left unsolved.


There is a lot to learn from Death Stranding but what Norman Reedus is packing isn't one of them. Thanks to a modder who has implemented a camera hack, we now know that he doesn't have a penis at all in the game.

Reedus, who portrays protagonist Sam Porter Bridges in Hideo Kojima's latest title, can be made to pee by the player after drinking too many Monster Energy drinks. Naturally, fans have wondered if the team at Kojima Productions had gone all the way and modeled Reedus' penis ever since the action title released on PlayStation 4 last year.

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Gamers initially got one step closer to learning the answer when a photo mode was added to the open world title in March. While director Kojima admits that he didn't predict the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, he did realize that players would try to view Reedus' penis. As a result, the in-game photo mode is disabled when Bridges relieves himself.

While the quest to see Reedus' digital dong was foiled once, fans weren't about to back down. We now know the answer as modder Lance McDonald created a camera hack for the recently released PC version that gives the player full control over what they see. When you swing the camera around while Bridges pees, you will see his hand holding nothing but air.

Considering all the strange things that happen in Death Stranding, a man managing to pee out of thin air is one of the tamer mysteries. While this mystery came up empty, players can unlock Half-Life crossover items in the PC port.

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