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Death Stranding: Kojima and Reedus Frolic in the Rain in MGS5 PC Mod

[Sings] "What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again!"


Where would we be without PC mods? At the very least, in world without footage of Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus dancing in the rain, in celebration of the recent Death Stranding trailer shown-off during The Game Awards.

The mod brings Kojima and Reedus together, to stand-in for Big Boss and Quiet respectively in the infamous Metal Gear Solid 5 scene. Kojima’s likeness is present thanks to his appearance in an easter egg, while Reedus’ character model has been imported from files extracted from the cancelled PT/Silent Hills. forums user Ware-Wolff claims Reedus' was actually the player model in PT, explaining his presence in the extracted game files.

The entire mod is thanks to Solidcal Modding, who has other videos on their YouTube channel featuring the pair.

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In other Death Stranding news, Mads Mikkelsen has been revealed as an antagonist in the game, and Kojima Productions has partnered with Guerrilla Games for the use of its Decima engine.

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