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Death Stranding Includes "Very Easy Mode" For Movie Fans

Pop some popcorn and relax as Norman Reedus pees on mushrooms in Death Stranding.


As we barrel towards Death Stranding's November 8 launch on PlayStation 4, game director Hideo Kojima confirmed that the action-exploration game will feature an additional difficulty mode specifically targeted at film enthusiasts.

Kojima tweeted that Death Stranding's very easy difficulty mode was implemented for movie fans to enjoy the experience and appreciate the star-studded cast assembled for the project. A Death Stranding play tester and personal assistant of Kojima's confirmed as much, saying that the very easy mode is for "people who usually don’t play games, movie fans, or RPG fans." Conversely, other difficulty modes--like normal and hard--are designed for action game fans.

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Death Stranding's cast is loaded with stars. Alongside Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, the action-exploration game features James Bond talent Lea Seydoux and Madds Mikkelsen, The Leftovers actress Margaret Qualley, The Last of Us voice actor Troy Baker, The Bionic Woman actress Lindsay Wagner, and Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro.

Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner, and although Sony has confirmed it won't hold a press conference, the company will still have a presence on the show floor. Kojima Productions will reportedly show off more Death Stranding footage during the event.

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