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Death Stranding Guide: Hidden Preppers You Might've Missed - Collector, Veteran Porter, And More

The Hidden Preppers Of Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a game about forming bonds with many characters across the ruins of North America. As Sam Porter Bridges, you'll deliver various cargo to survivors to expand a communication network that will restore the United Cities of America, and reconnect its isolated citizens. It can be a daunting task, and you'll no doubt meet countless survivors--known as preppers--throughout your journey. However, there are a few hidden off the beaten path that can be easy to overlook. So if you're looking to connect every strand in the game, you'll need to know where to look to these well-hidden preppers.

In this quick guide, we'll point out a set of interesting preppers that can be easy to miss on your expedition. As you're delivering cargo to specific people, there's still plenty of opportunities to explore and take in the sights. If you don't take the time to explore, it's possible to complete the game without ever meeting characters like The Collector or the First Prepper in your playthrough. One clue to observe in certain areas is lost cargo directing to places you're unfamiliar with. This is a solid indication that new preppers are nearby, and you'll often need to bring them some lost cargo in order to initiate a conversation with them. So with that in mind, here's where to find the hidden preppers in Death Stranding. If you're in need of more info on some more tips, check out our guides focusing on combating the MULEs, BT encounters, how to effectively walk around in the world, and our best answer to the question: how long is Death Stranding?

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The Ludens Fan

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One of the more well-known preppers is the Ludens Fan, who's played by former games journalist Geoff Keighley. Though he's something of an oddball, he's a prepper you'll want to get to know early on. To find the Ludens Fan, you'll need to travel northeast from Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City in the Eastern Region. His shelter is located past BT territory and up a steep hill, so you'll need to tread carefully. In the area, you'll see lost cargo for the Ludens Fan, so be sure to pick them up to begin your dialog with him. Building a relationship with the Ludens Fan earns you a unique holographic sign in the form of a Luden--the Kojima Productions mascot--albeit a more cartoonish take on it.

The Musician

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Aside from the Ludens Fan, here is another prepper hidden in the Eastern Region that's worth paying a visit. Just southwest of the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, and beyond the MULE camp, you'll find a shelter for the Musician by following the river down to the waterfall. Once you get inside, examine the terminal and take on the order, which will take you back outside to pick up some stray items floating in the river. Forming a bond with this prepper earns Sam a harmonica, which he can play while resting to earn some likes from BB. Sam's companion will even start to dance when Sam plays long enough.

The Collector

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Once you're in the Central Region during Episode 3, you'll encounter a staggering amount of preppers across the expansive map. To find one of the first hidden preppers in the central region, known as the Collector, you'll need to head west to the MULEs camp south of the Engineer. Near the MULE camp on the western side of their territory, you'll see a pathway leading down into the ravine below. The Collector is one of the trickier preppers to reach, as you'll need to keep an eye out for the signs of where the shelter is located. By observing the cliff-face, you'll see a sign of a cartoon mascot--which is a reference to the Famitsu magazine. Once you see it, take out a ladder--or use one that's there--to climb up. After strengthening your bond with the Collector, he'll give Sam a backpack cover, which protects cargo stored inside his backpack from the effects of Timefall.

The Veteran Porter

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Another challenging prepper to find in Chapter 3 is the Veteran Porter. Just north of the Timefall Farm in the central region map is the Veteran Porter's shelter located in the mountains. Though you can make it on foot, you can also reach him with a truck or reverse trike. What makes the Veteran Porter different from other preppers is that he can be particularly challenging to form a bond with. You can find various cargo tagged with his name in the area to start things off, but the best way to improve your social bond with him come from orders you get from preppers later on. Regardless, once you strengthen the relationship up to rank four, you're given a trinket for your backpack that allows Sam to spot MULEs and fellow porters out in the wild easier.

The Novelist's Son

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In Episode 5, you'll travel west and head into the marshland on the furthest edge of the Central Region. After making it to the Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City, make a detour southwest towards the cliffs. Eventually, you'll find the shelter of the Novelist's Son. Rank up your standing enough with the Novelist's Son, and you'll eventually acquire a new strain of Cryptobiotes, which are far more potent than the average ones and will restore more of Sam's blood count.

The First Prepper

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Without a doubt, The First Prepper in the Central Region is the most difficult person to find in the game. What makes this prepper such a challenge to get to is that they're located at one of the world's highest points in the game. In addition to having to climb sheer cliffs, you'll also have to contend with heavy Timefall snow, which is far more corrosive than normal Timefall.

Before you proceed to this prepper, make sure you come prepared with container repair sprays, an exoskeleton, and a fresh pair of boots. There will be lots of climbing to reach the First Prepper. From the Spiritualist's shelter, head south up into the mountains. No matter where you approach, you'll, unfortunately, have a steep climb ahead of you. Use your compass to help guide (by holding L1), as it will pick up the location of the shelter as you get closer to it. When you've made it to the top fo the mountain, you'll eventually come to the First Prepper's shelter. Deliver any spare cargo you may have picked up from before and send it their way.

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