Death Stranding Guide: Get To Episode 3 As Quickly As You Can

Get to Episode 3 to unlock a wealth of new gadgets and abilities


Your first few missions out in Death Stranding's post-apocalyptic world might seem bizarre, and the subsequent starting deliveries that throw you into the heart of BT territory might feel overwhelming. Because of the time you spend connecting the first few locations, you might feel an impulse to take your time with the opening two episodes, opting to do as many deliveries as possible in the Eastern region to better acquaint yourself with mechanics and the flow of missions. But you'd be well-advised not to linger indefinitely during this early portion of the game.

While we don't blame you for wanting to wrap your head around Death Stranding's mechanics, the tools available for deliveries during this section of the game are incredibly limited. It may feel like this is where the game opens up--the delivery loop in Episode 2 is more than enough to keep you busy--but you shouldn't ignore the gadgets and ability unlocks just right around the corner.

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If you're still in Episode 2, we recommend making the trek to Port Knot City and progressing into Episode 3. Not only does the story get more interesting at this point, but it's when the game's world truly opens up. Think of it as traveling from White Orchard to Velen in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There are tons more deliveries to complete in Episode 3, and as mentioned, you get some invaluable gadgets and abilities. One of the preppers in the area allows you to fabricate Power Armor, which increases your speed and total carrying weight; another gives you a Bola Gun that can tie up enemies from a distance; you even get an Anti-BT Handgun. Tools like this help ease the burden of deliveries while giving you handy tools to help you deal with the world's most dangerous threats.

Another godsend to reaching Episode 3 is unlocking the ability to fabricate vehicles. So you know that one Reverse Trike you've been riding in Episode 2 that you've frequently had to leave behind and risk retrieving because of those pesky BTs? Well, you can fabricate as many as you want in Episode 3 at any of the major stations. You can even fabricate trucks further along, which can carry a bunch more cargo than a Reverse Trike.

If you're a completionist and no amount of talk around cool unlocks can stave off the misery you feel leaving unfinished deliveries in the Eastern region, then you can breathe easy knowing that you get fast travel not far into Episode 3. So you can warp back to previous areas finish leftover jobs at any time with all the handy new tools and abilities you've unlocked.

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