Death-Defying GTA V Pilot Returns With Stupefying Stunt Video

Watch this first-class virtual airman gain complete command of an untameable fighter jet.


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Remember, back in September, when we reported on a GTA V pilot who possessed an unnatural command over the game's unwieldy fighter jet? Well he's back with a new video, and has somehow outdone himself.

If you haven't already seen the tricks and stunts performed by this first-class virtual airman, who goes by the YouTube handle Mario4Lyfe, be sure to check out his first video here.

Those who have played Grand Theft Auto 5 will know how difficult it is to fly the P-996 Lazer, especially at a slow pace, with the twitchy controls meaning that even the slightest fingerslip can result in the aircraft veering of course.

But in his second video, shown above, Gamer4Lyfe demonstrates that the beast can be tamed. His manoeuvres in the dock bay in particular, and through the highway underpass, border on the unbelievable.

GTA V wowed critics when it was released back in September on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Since then, Rockstar North has been working on a HD remaster for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Rockstar Games has set a November 18 GTA V release date for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release delayed.

Below you'll find a gallery of some of our favourite GTA V images.

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Avatar image for Gallesh

What kind of bullshit physics does this games plane' possess ?

Avatar image for original_gust

Near impossible you say? have you watched my crew? the ones he gets the stunts from and then frames us for copying him? ORIGINALS

Avatar image for mikeyboiiz

Are you high. There is 0 stunts on any originals video that is in marios. There isnt a single original who can do what mario can. Please post a link genius. And blames you eh to bad your crew leader admit to it. Ya stupid you know nothing. Tonksi admit to copying mario. Then after he failed to keep mario hidden from the public out of fear of knowing he will loose his reputation of being the best. Tonksi quit gta the very day mario went viral. Lmao you know so little

Post a link of an originals video that shows any of marios stunts go ahead???????

Avatar image for adamgrace

<< LINK REMOVED >> post a video then.. bring it don't sing homes.

Avatar image for dementedseptin

<< LINK REMOVED >> this is what happens when you do not get past the finish line first, tuff luck buddy. shit happens.

Avatar image for bigruss730

Clearly using god mode....

Avatar image for eBusiness

It would have been a lot more impressive if it was all one cut. For all I know he could have retried those stunts hundreds of times before finally making a lucky run.

Avatar image for sorintitus

<< LINK REMOVED >> He most definitely did try them stunts before capturing the video, but that doesn't chip away at his achievement.

Avatar image for bigrod69

Wow, he's a regular << LINK REMOVED >>.

Avatar image for hoyholyhoy

Goes to show how terrible the physics for the game are, try that in IV and I'll be very impressed!

Avatar image for amdreallyfast

Wow. It looks like they made up their own physics. My metaphorical hat is tipped and off to them.

Avatar image for WolfgarTheQuiet

Still over hyped game that ended up being bare bones in its core with many pointless mini games and unfair online component. Its hard to say this as a hardcore GTA fan.


Vice City

San Andreas

VC Stories

LC Stories

These are still the best in the series. Its funny how Saints Row 2 continued what R didnt with GTA franchise. Last two SR games added some extra over the top things but that classic GTA spirit is still felt.

I even enjoyed Mafia II more than GTA V. Online on PC will be total hack fest and most likely mods will be considered as hacks, as most games do.

Avatar image for Urizen316

<< LINK REMOVED >> 4 was the worst by far, yet people praised that game for whatever reason. SR2 was a million times more entertaining in every way, but it wasnt made by R*, so it didnt get scores as high as GTA. Regrettably, that's how this industry works. The same goes for Naughty Dog games. They release ok games, but get perfect 10s. Look at Uncharted, I dare people to name 3 things they did to add to the gameplay in the sequels, and I will laugh if they say multiplayer :P

Avatar image for hoyholyhoy

<< LINK REMOVED >> You aren't forced to like V man, play a different game if you don't like it cause they're not gonna change it for you

Avatar image for VenkmanPHD

T-t-t-too much time on my haaands

Avatar image for neo-rtsd

Cool video I guess, but it just really shows how poor the physics are.

Avatar image for ZERO_X02


Avatar image for babaelc

<< LINK REMOVED >> you mean the lack of it, right?

Avatar image for xxxorcist

Slider: Goose, whose butt did you kiss to get in here anyway?
Goose: The list is long, but distinguished.
Slider: Yeah, well so is my Johnson.

Avatar image for Bgrngod

I don't understand why the airplane is not just falling out of the sky? Is there some kind of mod that removes gravity?

Avatar image for captaindrake

<< LINK REMOVED >> Nope, that's just what happens when a very large portion of your game development budget goes into advertising.

Avatar image for esqueejy

With finger control skills like that, the ladies must love this guy....except something something video game dork.

Avatar image for mikeyboiiz

I have him on KIK if you saw him youd think hes the last person to play videogames so hard

Avatar image for esqueejy


Perhaps. Was just a facetious joke anyway. After all, we're all gamer dorks.

Avatar image for VenkmanPHD

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> No, we aren't. Some of us have social skills, understand hygeiene, leave the house, maintain real world relationships, workout, and understand more about the world than what runs a computer.

I'm not saying you don't possess these qualities, but the term "Gamer" has become synonymous with the people who fit that profile. So don't lump us all in there, because society does that enough to anyone who plays games.

Avatar image for hoyholyhoy

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You're a tool dude, "gamer" in today's age mean's you happen to play games, like 75% of the world. Get over yourself.

Avatar image for esqueejy

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> don't take it so self-deprecation was supposed to tip u off that of course I know that

Avatar image for esqueejy

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> cmon self-deprecated was supposed to tip u off that of course I understand that...people take themselves too srs....learn to laugh at yourself

Avatar image for otanikun

Decent skills, but going into tight spaces like that harbor is just showing off.

Avatar image for elheber

Wait a minute. That's not how jets work. I've been had.

Avatar image for revelation1111

Yawns at the tiny people

Avatar image for Shika_Stoner

Never understood why Rockstar always intentionally made the helicopters and planes in GTA games fly like bricks. Especially when there are other open world games (Saints Row, Just Cause, Mercenaries) around that prove you can actually fly an aircraft without spending half of the time fighting against the controls just to keep it in the air.

Avatar image for saturatedbutter

<< LINK REMOVED >> Because those games you mention are arcade style. It's supposed to be easy in those games. Controls in general are oversimplified in arcade games. GTA has complex control systems that will have helicopters and planes flying like bricks if you don't understand how to use them properly.

Avatar image for VenkmanPHD

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Never had to "fight" with the controls on GTA's air vehicles.

Avatar image for adro191

This video still doesn't beat BF plane physics, a two planes chasing each other, first guy ejects then snipes at guy behind him and steals his plane. talk realism, if you dont believe check it on youtube. << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for ramtracker42

The aerial physics of this game are so fake!

Avatar image for VenkmanPHD

<< LINK REMOVED >> Oh because the rest of the game is just SO realistic...

Avatar image for hystavito

<< LINK REMOVED >> What would you expect? :)

Avatar image for diabolik_023

nice !

Avatar image for cratecruncher

That flight model was done by a 12 year old python programmer on his Raspberry Pi during recess!

Sorry, I'll say something positive. The music was good.

Avatar image for kookitto

Call me jealous but this is bullshit. Why the **** does gamespot, a news website, report something like this? I didn't bother to comment the first time, but this is getting ridiculous. It's EASY to do these stunts. Only people that can't do this are fucking casuals that don't know the first thing about flying.

Avatar image for evil_m3nace

that plane must weigh less than several hundred kilos with the physics there. Its way too light.

Avatar image for dante9006

Is this really that impressive? All he did was make the plane move really slowly. Anyone who's played the game enough and put enough time in to flying I'm sure can do this. Also you want proof of that there is a 2nd person in the video doing some of the stunts with him.

Avatar image for mikeyboiiz

The other guy has a video to Read the description. Those 2 are the very best above all the others they practice together so what 1 can do they teach the other.

Anyone can do anything if they practice hard enough. Doesnt mean everyone will.

Avatar image for luert

<< LINK REMOVED >> yeah you right, it's surely not a guy who has played for 1h a day the game, but it's still nice to see (=, I'm not so much impressed either but I don't find it so boring either (=

Avatar image for nerdstar7

It's funny how people are complaining about GTA V's aircraft physics, yet they're better than Battlefield 4's and all sandbox games that include aircraft's. If you're expecting flight simulator or H.A.W.X. physics then you're an idiot.

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