Deadpool's MCU Debut Teased By Star Ryan Reynolds

"Investigation heading into year 5."


Although the massive success of Deadpool might suggest that Fox was completely behind the movie from the start, this wasn't the case. The studio only greenlit the movie after test footage leaked online and was met by an incredibly positive reaction from fans. This week was the fifth anniversary of the footage leak. To mark the occasion, star Ryan Reynolds made a hilarious new Instagram post that also hinted at Deadpool's potential entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, following Disney's purchase of Fox's entertainment assets earlier in the year.

The post shows a crime board, which attempts to trace the source of the leak. Was it Deadpool director Tim Miller or writer Rhett Reese? Perhaps it was Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman, who only got Logan made after Deadpool proved an R-rated superhero could be a hit. Or maybe Reynold's wife Blake Lively was the culprit. The most intriguing name on the board is Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, while Reynold's reference to "Phase 5" in the caption hints at Deadpool finally entering the MCU. Check it out below.

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Investigation heading into year 5. Or as I call it, ‘Phase 5.’ The point is, I love conspiracy-yarn. #LeakAversary

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The Fox deal means that all the X-Men characters are now owned by Disney, with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige in charge of these properties. But while the main X-Men characters will almost certainly be rebooted at some point, it is likely Reynolds will continue to play the Merc with the Mouth.

The R-rated Deadpool might seem an unlikely fit with the more family-friendly tone of the rest of the MCU, but both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 were huge box office hits. In February, Disney boss Bob Iger confirmed that the studio will "continue in that business," after the deal.

"We do believe there is room for the Fox properties to exist without significant Disney influence over the nature of the content, meaning that we see that there is certainly popularity amongst Marvel fans for the R-rated Deadpool films, as a for instance," he said. "We're going to continue in that business, and there might be room for more of that."

There's one final X-Men movie still to be released--the long delayed New Mutants, which was shot back in 2017, long before the Disney deal. It currently has a release date of April 2020, two years after it was first scheduled to hit theaters. For more, check out GameSpot's guide to all the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 movies and TV shows.

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