Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Wants to Make an X-Force Movie

"I really want to get that in."


The irreverent, violent, foul-mouthed superhero Deadpool is about to hit cinemas. Star Ryan Reynolds has been speaking about where he'd like to take the character next, and has revealed that he wants to make an X-Force movie.

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Speaking to Filmstarts, Reynolds gave every indication that he would be playing the character for some time. "In the future, if we're doing a bunch more Deadpool movies, we're gonna really explore the X-Men a lot," he said. "And maybe X-Force. X-Force is really my priority. I really want to get that in."

X-Force is a superhero team that was conceived by Deadpool's co-creator Rob Liefeld. They first appeared the 100th issue of Marvel's X-Men spinoff comic The New Mutants in 1991, and have gone on to include such heroes as Cyclops, Psylocke, Wolverine, Storm, and Colossus, as well as Deadpool.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Reynolds also spoke about the naked fight that he performs in Deadpool with Ajax, played by Ed Skrein. "There was a lot of me there," he said. "There's nothing else you can do except to just sorta grin, bear it, and go, ‘All right guys, we're all going to get to really know each other today. I may be sitting on this man's face at some point, he may be sitting on mine.' It was ugly but necessary."

Deadpool opens this Friday (February 12). It is directed by Tim Miller, and also stars Morena Baccarin, TJ Miller, and Gina Carano.

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If they use the later iterations of the team then Im gonna pass. The team has to have Cable. You can't have the movie without Cable who started the team. Domino has been a mainstay so you need her in there as well. If they do this movie I bet they won't put in any of the original members & they'll do the newer characters only which would be a disservice to the name X-Force. The newer teams are cool but you have to have Cable & Domino in the movie.

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I'd like to see that happen but Fox would probably aim for a PG-13 rating so Deadpool would have to be nerfed

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what theres a naked fight scene in deadpool? hahaha

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Didn't they announce an X-Force movie years ago and then just quietly sweep it under the rug?

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@superklyph: rumors surfaced last year or the year before it was made official that apocolypse would use Dofp to reboot the franchise with a proper xmen line up (and then have those actors under contract so they don't vanish from a majority of the films like cyclops did causing rewrites)

And with the overwhelming deadpool demand there was talk of tieing him into the franchise via Xforce

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YES! They could really just bring in Cable, and maybe Wolvesbane and Shatterstar.

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Would be nice if they finally sorted out that license issue that keeps splitting the marvel movies apart.