Deadpool Passes Iron Man, Moves Into Top 10 Comic Book Movies Ever

Move over, Iron Man.


Another weekend at the box office and another milestone for Fox's action superhero movie Deadpool. The R-rated film has now climbed into the Top 10 chart for top-grossing comic book adaptations since 1978.

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It has now made more than $328 million domestically, which pushes it past 2008's Iron Man ($318 million) to move into the No. 10 spot on the chart. These numbers come from Box Office Mojo (via CBR). Deadpool now needs $5 million more to pass 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, which stands at $333 million in the United States.

Worldwide, Deadpool has now banked more than $708 million, according to Box Office Mojo.

Unsurprisingly, a sequel is in the works. What may be more shocking, however, is that producers are reportedly not looking for the sequel--which will also star Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool--to have a larger budget than the first one.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick recently spoke about seeking a smaller budget for their sequel. "We don't want $150 million to go make the next movie; that's not Deadpool," Wernick said. "Deadpool doesn't lift cities up into the air or battle aliens coming down to earth, that's just not Deadpool. So we're happy in that little small budget range that they have us in; we don't wanna blow this next one out."

The first Deadpool was made on a reported $58 million production budget. The sequel may not have a larger budget for the actual production, but Fox will reportedly pay Reynolds quite a bit more.

For more on Deadpool, check out this roundup of the seven things we want to see in the sequel.

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