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Deadpool Movie Sequel in the Works

Days before the movie is released, reports are saying a sequel is already planned.


You may have heard a little about an upcoming movie called Deadpool. The movie opens Friday, and you can read our review. If you're not too familiar with the character, we even fill you in on 13 things you should know about him. It's been a long road making this movie a reality. There's been a lot of speculation over a sequel happening and it's being reported that 20th Century Fox is indeed moving forward with one.

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Box office estimates are tracking the movie to open in the $65-75 million area for the holiday weekend. This is an impressive amount for an R-rated film. Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have started working on the script for the sequel. Director Tim Miller did not sign on for a sequel but Fox is reportedly interested in keeping the creative team together.

What could we expect in a sequel?

Ryan Reynolds has expressed he'd like to see X-Force. X-Force is a team that formed in the pages of Marvel's New Mutants series, where Deadpool made his debut. What separate X-Force from the X-Men is their more direct and aggressive methods in accomplishing their missions.

Deadpool opens in theaters on Friday, February 12.

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