Deadpool Director Moves Over to the Sonic Movie After Departing From Deadpool 2

Tim Miller set to serve as an executive producer on the in-development Sonic movie.


Deadpool director Tim Miller recently departed from the production of Deadpool 2, and he's already found himself a new project: the previously announced Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

That's according to The Hollywood Reporter, which says Miller and longtime collaborator Jeff Fowler will work on the film for Sony Pictures. Fowler is set to direct, while Miller serves as an executive producer.

As of yet, there are still no details on what the story will be; the movie is simply described as an adaptation of Sonic. The Hollywood Reporter does say the idea is to create a CG/live-action hybrid that would be family-friendly. That falls in line with how Sony Pictures and Sega described the project back in February.

The script is, sadly, being written by the team behind TV series Golan the Insatiable, Patrick Casey and Josh Miller, rather than the person responsible for Sonic's official Twitter account. Neal H. Moritz, who has produced every Fast and Furious movie in addition to things like 21 Jump Street and Evan Almighty, is producing the movie.

A release date wasn't mentioned, but the original announcement pointed to 2018.

This year marks the series' 25th anniversary. A pair of new games are in the works; the first of these, Sonic Mania, is due out in Spring 2017. It recently got an amazing, '90s-style trailer for its Collector's edition.

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