Deadpool Creator Debuts New X-Men Character

Mutants and alternate dimensions.


Marvel has announced a new bi-monthly series from the creator of Deadpool, set to debut this spring. The new series Major X will take place within the X-Men continuity, and he'll clash with popular characters like Wolverine, Storm, and Cable.

Comic Book reports that Rob Liefeld will handle the writing and art for the first issue of Major X in April. After that it will be written by Image co-founder Whilce Portacio with art from Teen Titans' Brent Peeples.

Major X comes from a different reality, called the "X-istence," which is only populated by mutants. This was a paradise for mutants, but the X-istence was destroyed somehow, and Major X is seeking to bring his home back. Liefeld teases that the book will slowly answer questions about how the X-istence came to be in the first place, and how a portal opened that put Major X into conflict with the rest of the Marvel continuity.

Liefeld also said he had the origins of the idea for Major X in 1992, but he held off on the project out of fatigue from other X-Men books and wanting to create more space for new creators to have a voice. He says the mysteriousness of Major X and the slow revelations of his nature is a callback to his favorite character.

"I still get asked all the time, 'Who's your favorite character?' It's Wolverine," Liefeld said. "It's always been Wolverine. He made me love comics and made me love the X-Men. And the thing about Wolverine also is the mystery. The mystery that they layered him with over multiple years. So with Cable, Deadpool, Domino, X-Force, I felt like I've subscribed to that notion of mystery and reviewing different layers."`

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