Deadpool Apologizes For David Beckham Joke In The First Movie

"Canadians are born with a black belt in apology."


Deadpool is known for cracking wise at pop culture figures, but in a new marketing spot for Deadpool 2, the character expresses some overdue regret for a cheap shot at a sports celebrity. In the first film, Deadpool made fun of soccer star David Beckham. Poor Wade has apparently seen the error of his ways and wants to make it up to him.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds tweeted the skit, saying "Little known fact: Canadians are born with a black belt in apology." True to form, it has a meta pay-off by turning the mockery back onto Reynolds himself. Deadpool in both his comic and film incarnations tends to break the fourth wall.

The promo spots for Deadpool 2 have taken aim at Marvel's cinematic universe with some pointed jokes at The Avengers and DC film franchises. Despite the irreverent tone, though, some jokes are still off-limits. Reynolds recently explained that Fox made him remove a joke at Disney's expense, possibly to avoid rocking the boat while the House of Mouse worked to acquire 20th Century Fox. That deal appears to be in jeopardy now, so we may still get to hear what Deadpool thinks of Mickey and Donald in the DVD extras.

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