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Deadpool And Wolverine Star Ryan Reynolds Likes These Cocaine-Themed Posters For The Film

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This week's trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine was pure mutant mayhem, and for longtime fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a major departure from the typical superhero movie formula. Between the liberal use of F-bombs, Deadpool's junk getting an adamantium piercing, and cartoonish levels of violence being inflicted on cannon fodder enemies, the next Deadpool movie isn't shying away from its trademark gore and sassy language. Well, almost.

As noted in the trailer, the only thing off-limits in the threequel is Deadpool and Blind Al's fondness for a bump of booger sugar. Also known as the devil's dandruff, party powder, and by many other names on the street, you probably won't see Deadpool smash an entire bag of positivity particles into his face with reckless abandon. But that doesn't mean you won't see a few fan-made posters for the film riffing on the merc with a mouth's colorful descriptions for racehorse Charlie. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds highlighted a few of these creations made by Kode "BossLogic" Abdo, after the recent trailer included a scene where Deadpool laments how Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige had told him the drug was off-limits.

"They know all the slang posters," and "Hi all caps OLAF!" Reynolds tweeted in response to the posters.

Deadpool and Wolverine--Marvel's only movie in 2024--is out in theaters on July 26 and finally pairs the motor-mouthed mercenary up with Wolverine, once again played by Hugh Jackman. The film also introduces Emma Corrin as Cassandra Nova, a major antagonist in X-Men comic books and the sister of Charles Xavier. In case you missed it, you can check out all the details in our Deadpool and Wolverine trailer breakdown for Easter eggs and references you might have missed.

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