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Deadpool And Wolverine Director Wants Spider-Man In The Next Movie

The director of Deadpool and Wolverine, Shawn Levy, shares his desire to get Spider-Man and Deadpool in the same film.


Prior to 2022, the idea of getting Hugh Jackman to reprise his role as Wolverine opposite Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool seemed like a pipe dream. Yet as soon as Jackman was willing to return, it paved the way for Deadpool and Wolverine to arrive next month. The director of the film, Shawn Levy, has already brought together one Marvel team-up. But if Levy has his wish, he'll also bring Spider-Man and Deadpool together on the big screen.

Via GamesRadar, Levy explained why he wants to see Deadpool and Spider-Man share the stage during an interview with Total Film.

"The thing about Deadpool is I think he makes everything more interesting because of his audacity," said Levy. "But, boy, I'd sure love to see Deadpool and Spidey. That's a movie I'd love to make. I feel like Tom Holland would run circles around everyone else."

Despite Deadpool's close proximity to the X-Men-related characters, Marvel has actually published a Spider-Man/Deadpool comic-book series that ran for 50 issues between 2016 and 2019. That book established Spidey's initial disdain for Deadpool before they eventually bonded and formed a friendship. If there ever is a movie with these two characters, it could possibly follow the same trajectory.

Additionally, Total Film released a handful of new images from Deadpool and Wolverine, including a pic of Deadpool holding Dogpool while an incredulous Wolverine looks on.

Deadpool and Wolverine will hit theaters on July 26.

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