Deadpool 3 Writers Give An Update And Discuss Disney's Influence

Rhett Reese says Disney will "let Deadpool be Deadpool" and that it's expected to get an R rating once again.


Deadpool 3 remains in development, and now writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have provided a status update on the project, including new commentary regarding Disney's influence. Speaking to The Playlist, Reese said, "We're in the laboratory working on it with Ryan Reynolds all the time, and we're very much entertaining ourselves."

"So, hopefully, that translates and ultimately will entertain the world. But you know, it's a marriage between Fox and Disney and it's two different universes and it's not easy," Reese said. "But it's also a wonderful challenge and, you know, high-class problems to be able to merge those, those worlds. So, we're enjoying it."

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One of the sticking points with Deadpool 3 is figuring out the "bureaucracies" of it all from the shift from Fox to Disney as part of Disney's massive acquisition. But Reese sounded confident that things are in order for a smooth transition.

"It was Fox, all these different people, and now it's not those people anymore. It's these [Disney] people and these people do things their way. And we were used to doing things our way, so there are differences, but I think the great part is that Marvel’s been incredibly supportive," Reese said.

He said Disney will "let Deadpool be Deadpool" and that, as of yet, Disney has only shown the Deadpool franchise "nothing but support." There could come a time when Disney management says, "You know, that's too far" on a particular joke, but that hasn't happened yet.

"It's been nothing but, 'How can we help you?' 'What from our universe would you like to use? How, how can we make your life easy?' And we're gonna let Deadpool be Deadpool. We're not… this is not going to be the Disney-fied Deadpool.' So they're awesome, and now it's up to us to come through and justify that faith," Reese said.

Finally, Reese said he expects Deadpool 3 will get an R rating to keep with series tradition, adding that Disney will not "mess with the tone" of the film, though he admitted there is an "outside chance" something could change that.

Deadpool 3 will be directed by Stranger Things veteran Shawn Levy, who also directed Reynolds in Free Guy. The first Deadpool film, which set records for the box-office performance of an R-rated film at the time, was directed by Tim Miller (Terminator: Dark Fate). The second was by John Wick co-director David Leitch.

Reese and Wernick's latest project is the Netflix movie Spiderhead starring Chris Hemsworth, which releases June 17.

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