Deadpool 3 Will Be "Completely Different," Ryan Reynolds Reveals

Three times a Deadpool.


The huge success of the first Deadpool in 2016 took many surprise--the modestly budgeted X-Men spin-off was not only the most successful R-rated movie of all time, it made more money than most of the "regular" movies in the franchise. Last year's Deadpool 2 was also a huge hit, and inevitably a third movie is in the works. Star Ryan Reynolds has now hinted about what fans can expect from Deadpool 3.

In a recent interview with Variety, Reynolds revealed that development on Deadpool 3 had already started. Unsurprisingly he didn't give many details away, but he did suggest that the film won't be what is usually expected from the third part of a successful franchise. "[We're] looking to go in a completely different direction," he said. "Often, they reboot or change a character maybe like four movies too late."

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It had previously been reported that Deadpool might appear in an X-Force movie ahead of Deadpool 3, with Bad Times at the El Royale's Drew Goddard directing. However, earlier this month, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld revealed that X-Force had now been cancelled, due to the impending merger between Fox and Disney. Fox currently own the rights to all X-Men characters.

As for Deadpool 3, the film does not have a release date and it hasn't been confirmed if director David Leitch will return. Leitch joined the production of the second movie after the exit of director Tim Miler, who helmed the first film but left Deadpool 2 due to reported clashes with Reynolds.

In related news, there are two X-Men movies set for release in 2019. All the main X-Men cast return for Dark Phoenix, which releases in June--check out the latest trailer. This will be followed by the much-delayed New Mutants, which is currently set to arrive in August.

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