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Deadpool 3 Director Says That The MCU's "Nerdiest Nerds" Helped Design Wolverine's Costume

Dressed to kill.


After years of easily shredded tanktops and black leather, Deadpool 3 is finally putting Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman in the mutant's signature blue and yellow costume. Minus the blue underwear--on the outside at least--Wolverine's big screen costume is a faithful adaptation of the classic spandex that Canada's finest export has worn in comic books and in animated series over the years. So how did Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy find the right look for Wolverine? By consulting the "nerdiest nerds" that the Marvel Cinematic Universe had to offer, Levy explained.

Wolverine in Deadpool 3.
Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Levy said that he and his team went through "multiple, multiple, multiple iterations and fittings" before they settled on the final look for Wolverine. "It also helps that I'm making this movie within the MCU, so I have access to an army of the nerdiest nerds available to a Marvel project," Levy said.

The closest that fans came to seeing Wolverine in a comic book costume was in a deleted scene for 2013's The Wolverine. In that scene, Logan received a brown and tan costume as a parting gift from Mariko Yashida, complete with his trademark mask. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, Logan's battlesuit contained several nods to his comic book origins, but this was still a muted nod to the source material.

The release date for Deadpool 3 appears to be in doubt, as the film has been removed from Disney's release schedule for the first half of 2024. Production on the film was shut down after the Hollywood actors union, SAG-AFTRA, called a strike, joining writers who have been striking since May.

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