Deadly Premonition Creator Shows Impressive Tattoo and Gets His Butt Cheeks Out

Behold! Swery65 in all his mostly nude glory.


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Hidetaka "Swery65" Suehiro has made Deadly Premonition, very casually became a Buddhist Monk, and he loves cats--even when they bite him. It's safe to say, he's a pretty cool human being. But now, he's gone one step further and got himself a full body Yakuza-style tattoo and it's insane.

He posted a picture of the tat on his Instagram and it will be featured in the Men of Game Development calendar, which is a collection of developers from across the video game industry, often posing in their pants and nothing else.

Not one to be topped, Swery has gone for a badass hero pose that displays his tattoo of Sharapova, a plush monkey he loves. Of course, Sharapova is wearing a t-shirt that has Swery's name on it. Oh and by the way, Sharapova isn't named after the famous tennis player. Swery doesn't even like tennis. The man is an enigma.

Also on display is a Japanese undergarment called a Fundoshi, which is nestled in between Swery's glistening butt cheeks. Check out the image below and despair that you'll never look as cool or be brave enough to take that kind of picture.

Warning: This could be NSFW, depending on how much your boss appreciates rad tats and sweet cheeks.

If you're interested in getting this image, or another picture of a mostly nude male game developer, check out the Men of Game Development 2017 Kickstarter page, where canvas prints are also on offer.

Other developers for you to pick include BioWare Montreal's Manveer Heir, Hi-Rez's Jonathan Crines, Bungie's Andy Xiao, DrinkBox Studios' Steph Goulet, Naughty Dog's Boon Cotter, and of course Iron Galaxy's Dave Lang.

And now for a close up of Swery's butt. Have a nice day everyone.

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