Dead to Rights patch now live

Hip Games delivers fix to address impasse in the game's opening level, says few experienced roadblock.


Hip Games released a patch today to address a bug which prevented some players from progressing past the game's opening tutorial level. First brought to Hip's attention by GameSpot editors, Hip says the patch "updates the North American retail version of Dead to Rights to fix an issue with a small number of systems, whereby the tutorial chapter can not be completed."

The company says "the 'canister' bug manifests itself as a permanent pause in gameplay, during an action sequence concerning an explosive canister. Under some rare circumstances, the sequence plays out incorrectly and prevents the player from proceeding further into the game."

While Hip reports that few gamers are likely to have experienced the problem, the patch, hosted on GameSpot, will address those problems for gamers who are experiencing problems.

The company reminds gamers that there is no need to install the patch if they are not experiencing problems with the game.

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