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Dead Space Remake Easter Egg Hints That A Dead Space 2 Remake Could Be Coming

In space, no one is safe from the Necromorphs.


Even though the upcoming Dead Space remake by EA isn't out yet, there appears to be an easter egg hinting at a possible sequel, or at the very least, paying homage to the other installments in the series.

Spoiler warning for those who haven't played the original Dead Space

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After completing the game, players have the option to replay the story with New Game Plus. Once they load back into the game, players will notice a few new text logs that weren't originally there when they first played the game.

In the new logs, players can read an email-like exchange between two characters talking about looking for new employment opportunities due to the "decommissioning" that's supposed to happen within the next year. As the conversation continues, the two talk about potentially working at the Sprawl on Titan.

This location is significant in the Dead Space franchise because this is the location where Issac ends up fighting for his life in Dead Space 2 after narrowly escaping the USG Ishimura. Although nothing a Dead Space 2 remake has not yet been confirmed, it's not out of the realm of possibility. EA has remastered other iconic games before, such as the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

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