Dead Space Extracting on Wii

EA's survival horror shooter expands to Nintendo's console with all-new bloodcurdling adventure this fall.


During EA's recent third-quarter earnings call, CEO John Riccitiello announced that a number of the company's new intellectual properties would see Wii releases, including the survival horror game Dead Space. Today, the company has confirmed that the game will be making it to Nintendo's console later in the year, and formally announced the title as Dead Space Extraction.

According to EA, Dead Space Extraction will "marry the innovative motion controls of the Wii Remote with a frenetic first-person perspective to create a new action-packed horror experience." The game will involve a new heroine who joins up with space colonists trying to escape from infection on the Aegis VII mining colony. The game itself will also feature new weapons, puzzles, and a co-op multiplayer mode for the first time.

Those concerned that the game may be toned down for its Wii appearance can take assurance from the promises of Glen Schofield, VP and general manager of EA Redwood Shores. "As we were developing Dead Space, we realised that there was so much of the story going untold. Dead Space Extraction tells that story with all of the intensity, blood, and gore that fans would expect."

Dead Space Extraction is expected to spook the Wii this fall.

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yes the end of the world is coming !A wii giant demolishes cities and crushes little Dead space men.Gosh people grow up, its a freaking game not your mother.Stop making love with your consoles guys.Its a freakin piece of plastic and metal. And it might come up as an nice sidestory to munch on.I got the original and I WILL GET THIS ONE.And magically, even if this is a bad game, for some reason my Dead Space for 360 wont be ruined!.WOW really?the wii dvds dont jump and attack 360 dvds?i cant believe it! ...people..

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o great the wii has trashed another great fist resident evil now then dead rising and now dead space when will the slaughter of great games stop don't put great title like resident evil or dead space on a crappy system like the wii put it on the ps3 or the 360

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This decision does have sideffects.

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More good news for Nintendo.

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I'm really happy to find out its not a port at all, but an entirely new game taking place generally before the first game. And after having become a pretty big on rails light gun fan, I'm pleased to see that this new Dead Space is going to give Wii another very promising light gun game to play. While a RE4 style survival horror title would have been nice, I have no problem awaiting another fantastic looking on rails shooter. Before we knew it was going to be a brand new on rails shooter Wii fans were excited, but 360/PS3 fans had nothing to anticipate. However, now anyone who is a fan of the Dead Space lore, or a fan of light guns, does have something to look forward to in Dead Space Extraction.

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I'm happy to see another mature game for the wii...tired of most of the kiddie games....hopefully it plays well, whenever it comes out.

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OMG one of my favorite games of 08 to be ruined by standard definition and low resolution edgey graphics NOOOO!! News flash we all went digital a week or so ago, lets not go back in time anymore please, keep a great game just as it is GREAT. I have all three systems, i like the wii for sports things, thats IT, to get psychical thats it, not for next "not" gen game down ports. Stop it please.

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Downgrade the graphics to low-res SD, add gimmicky motion controls, and then say your enhancing the story experience. I'm sold!

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Really? No thank you, though the premise sounds tempting, I absolutely despise ports of 360 and PS3 games on the Wii, they always look horrible and play just as badly.

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I smell another crappy Wii-port, sorry guys.

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I just saw that Eurocom will be co-developing this. Then there's modest hope. They are used to doing unsung versions of big games on a budget, like the last James Bond on PS2, and they can do quite well. They have the ability to develop a mechanically and technically sound game (although when developing something as basic as a rail shooter there's not much merit in offering sound mechanics). Plus they had a pretty call original IP in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. It still won't be as good as a real survival horror, but maybe they can come up with something mildly tolerable.

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hatieshorrer: just look at the damn trailer, obviously a on rails shooter

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They said it was on-rails in an interview with IGN. Want Dead Space on the Wii as it should have been? Sign the petition - << LINK REMOVED >>

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"Hardcore" gamers will be happier. But it does have an effect on the other casual games. It affects the casual audience. So far the casual audience are affecting Nintendo most so it will do something this year.

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This game sounds great. It will be interesting to see how they make it. It doesn't sound like a rail shooter, just first person with co-op option. I'm looking forward to it.

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for all those complaining about a "rail shooter" it just says first person! not neccesarily on rails

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Now they just need to release this on xbox and playstation.

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Wii fanboys in full force here. "I'm so glad they didn't just make a port for the Wii and put out an original game". Any excuse to rejoice will do I guess. A straight port would have been 10 times better than a cheap rail shooter. I mean, who cares if the Wii doesn't get RE5 because it has the Umbrella Chronicles, yay!

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@gameking5000 umm...... i'm srry but if you have kept up on anything with the Wii you would know that the HARDCORE gamers were begging for games for them and stop with this kiddy lets hold hands crap. Nintendo is loseing its hardcore fanbase and they are starting to realize this so they are trying to get a more mature audience back into the picture. This in no way shape or form is going to stop people from buying the Wii. Resident evil, house of the dead, etc have all been put out onto the Wii a long time ago and sales are still great for the system and for kids. I still have people buying (i work at gamestop by the way) the Wii from me for there kids thinking its the koolest thing ever. Trust me bud its gonna take a lot more then a few rail shooters to make the Wii plumbit these kinds of games.

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Sweet :) Where there's money to make there's EA :) Good thing that games like this also gets to the Wii. Also good that they make it a bit different so it's not just a wash out port.

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I lol'd so hard when I heard it was a rail shooter. The reality of the Wii is cruel my friends. When I heard they were porting I thought "lol, who needs this now?", after visiting the site today I saw it was actually a prequel and got excited, but a quick glance at the page of the game made my hope shatter into pieces.

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Nintendo need to stop letting companies release games on the Wii. It's speciality is not these type of games. It's casual games. If they keep this up, I velieve that the casual games will sell less. it will damage the family friendly reputation of the wii.

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I am excited this game is coming our regardless, yes the graphics won't be as good, but you got to expect that on the Wii. At least EA is putting the effort into making a whole new game for the Wii, not just a port, and the games designed from scratch seemed to have some of the best graphics. I just found out EA is making a sequal to Alice too, EA may now be my favorite third party company.

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This is pathetic. It is just proof that the Wii is so entangled in its casual game stigma that publishers feel unchallenged and use its relatively low power as an excuse to make quick cash ins for the system. Resident Evil 4 was made for the Wii and the NGC. And Dead Space is basically RE4 in space. They COULD have done a Dead Space port with relatively minor tweaks, or a spin-off with comparable gameplay. Yes, lower res graphics, maybe a few more elevators, tram trips or decompression chambers to mask loading times. But the same overall experience. But no, they're content with a rail shooter using a remote that doesn't even work nearly as good as a real light gun. Could the Wii do MGS4? No. But Dead Space, it could pull it off and there's no valid reason for not doing it right.

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Although it is a rail shooter, I'll probably get it.

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awesome....oh wait a minute, I don't own a Wii. My Mom and Sister do, but they won't play this game. I hope they don't dumb it down for Wii because I may end up with one sometime in the near future. I own the PS3 version, and this game won't appeal to many Wii owners, but hopefully it will target a neglected class of Wii owners - the hardcore gamer. The Wii has lots of games, but lacks substance, especially in the more gritty, realistic, action-type of games.

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here comes the nay Sayers

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I totally understand people being gutted about this being another light gun on-rails shooter for the Wii-that was my first thought as well. However, EA have been trying lately to be more expansive so when they say there's going to be more to this than the usual we should give them a chance. Remember all the criticism DS on PS3 got for being like RE4? Maybe they want to avoid that or feel with the player onscreen they won't get the look of the game as god as the trailer. Just give it a chance-both UC and HotD:Overkill are rails shooters and enjoyaable for different reasons so perhaps they can make this one stand out-you never know Mirrors Edge was different to other FPSes wasn't it?

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I guess I'm in a strange gamer demographic, because I really liked RE:UC (havent played HotD yet...picked up Deadly Creatures for my recent Wii purchase instead)....the on-rails light-gun shooter gameplay takes great advantage of the Wii hardware imo.

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What I want to know is, are third party companies actually TRYING to sink the Wii with shallow gameplay? Kudos to EA for not just doing a half-assed port of Dead Space for the Wii, but why a rail shooter? We've already got 2 House of the Dead games, and RE:UC. Can't we have open exploration? Dead Space was originally supposed to be on the original Xbox - don't tell me they couldn't have retrofitted the engine to Wii and produced something similar to the early design.

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Where the hell does it say that the game will be on-rails?

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Hope it's made by the same people...

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You know if the graphics are anything like the video posted here then it's a bit surprising the wii can push that many polygons. it's just too bad it's on the rails. I enjoyed Metroid Prime 3 a lot there's no excuse for any more on rails shooters. The wii can easily handle coming off the rails thanks!

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A good move making it a new game instead of a port. An on-rails shooter though....hmmm, could succeed or fail miserably.

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Cool, a whole new adventure. I wasn't going to bother getting the Wii version since I already own the PS3 one but since it is going to be totally different I may well consider it.

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The story will probably be like the Dead Space: Downfall DVD

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@hatieshorrer There's an interview at IGN in which they talk about Dead Space Extraction being a rail shooter. You can check out the interview at << LINK REMOVED >>

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I have to say I was really excited when I first heard that Dead Space would be on the Wii. I pictured how it would be like playing the game with the same kind of controls that RE4 Wii Edition has, even as a port that's a year late it will would have been an awesome game. Now today I find out that it wouldn't be a port, but a prequal to the orginal Dead Space and I thought that would be would be even better to get a whole new game instead of a port. Then I find out that the game would be a rail shooter and my heart sank. What in the world is EA thinking? If I wanted to play a rail shooter I'd play HOD Overkill. After watching the trail for the game I have to say that the game displays some of the best graphics I've seen on the Wii so far. It definatly has that Dead Space vibe. So why a rail shooter? Now the claim is that it won't be the typical rail shooter but lets be honest, there's not much you can do with a game that's on rails. One of the aspects of Dead Space was the exploration that you did. Now that's completely taken out of the game. I guess it would be kind of cool if the game has a 360 view, but I honestly can't even start to think as to how they would do the puzzles. I don't want to dissmiss the game out of hand, I'd like to reserve my judgement on how good the game will be until after I've played it. But I have to say making the game a rail shooter has given the game a major strike against it.

Avatar image for Great_Ragnarok

oh dear.... I hope they do a good job...

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Hatieshorrer... that's why I was asking, as people we saying that, in case another site had reported that.

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Avatar image for hatieshorrer

@phase4illini @star77241 @alex6792 @uncommon What makes you say this game is going to be on rails all they said was it would have a different main character, different chapter of the story, and a first person view instead of the third person view of the first one. (Nothing about being on rails)

Avatar image for phase4illini

On rails? Did I miss something?

Avatar image for star77241

"Those concerned that the game may be toned down for its Wii appearance can take assurance." The fact that they already changed it means it is toned down. An on rails version as an extra wouldn't be bad. But they shouldn't have changed the core game.

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effort =good graphics=good on rails=...........well i like to PLAY games,not watch and occasionally shoot,even if there are new weapons and whatnot,id still like to move.....but well see

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Sounds like a lack of effort to me what a flippin disappointment! On rails blows.

Avatar image for Dreski83

Sounds like another House of the Dead type of game, but anything with mature content on the Wii is okay by me... I just hope the extended story doesn't go too far off the deep end :roll:

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lol EA i hope your thinking straight, because dead space on the Wii is good n all, but i think its time to begin dev. for dead space 2, because honestly i cant wait for a game that hasnt even begun dev. yet.

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Looks like I'm underestimate that prediction. I have to admit, the game looks great (not perfect like the PS3 or XBOX 360). Despite of the downgrade graphics, the gameplay, the story, new weapons and bonus features Dead Space: Extraction will be another excellent "M" rated for the Wii.

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Already played it on PC..Looking forward to find out where this story comes from & lead to, Im getting it :)