Dead Space Dev's Star Wars Game Going in "Groundbreaking Directions," EA Boss Says

EA provides a status update on upcoming Star Wars games and more.


With E3 2016 right around the corner, Electronic Arts has now let fans know where the company is at with its upcoming Star Wars games.

"Let's get right to the point: we have awesome projects underway at both Motive and Visceral, and we are looking for some more amazing people to join our teams," Motive and Visceral general manager Jade Raymond said in a blog post.

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Raymond also confirmed that new studio Motive, the formation of which was announced in July 2015, now counts 65 "industry veterans" among its ranks; more people are coming on every week.

In addition to its Star Wars game, Motive is looking into ideas for a new IP--this could be an Assassin's Creed-style action game.

"We are well on our way, beginning our journey with a Star Wars game, and exploring ideas for our original IP," Raymond said. "It's really quite amazing to be a part of, and I can't wait to be able to share more details about Motive's projects."

As for Visceral's Star Wars game, Raymond said the developer is "forging ahead into an exciting phase of development." This game is being made under the direction of former Uncharted writer and director Amy Hennig.

"She is a rare breed of storyteller, and she's collaborating with the creative leaders at Lucasfilm to tell a new, authentic Star Wars story," Raymond said.

Hennig and Visceral GM Scott Probst are "taking this project in groundbreaking directions," Raymond went on to say.

More details on both projects will be announced "in the months ahead," though Raymond did not confirm if they might show up at EA's E3 briefing this month. She did, however, end her blog post by saying, "See you in a couple weeks!"

In addition to the new Star Wars games from Motive and Visceral, Titanfall developer Respawn is working on a third-person action adventure game in the Star Wars universe. Additionally, DICE may be moving ahead with a sequel to Star Wars Battlefront.

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