Dead Space dev gutting Jack the Ripper game?

Electronic Arts trademark filing for "The Ripper" bolsters report that Visceral Games' next project will be based on British serial killer.


As Visceral Games wraps up development on Dante's Inferno, the Electronic Arts' studio's upcoming slate is coming into better focus. Last week, a job listing indicated thatDead Space 2 was ready to ramp up production, and this week a pair of trademark filings suggests Visceral's next game will center around notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper.

Too soon?
Too soon?

As spotted by Superannuation, EA last week applied for trademarks on the phrase "The Ripper." The application covers use of the name as it relates to games, movie production, and entertainment services.

The trademarks also lend credence to a bit of news that flew under the radar in July, when Visceral Games execs Glen Schofield and Michael Condry jumped ship to start up a studio for Activision. The Los Angeles Times cited unnamed sources "close to EA" in reporting that Visceral's next game would be based on Jack the Ripper.

If accurate, Jack the Ripper would be the third straight unlicensed franchise from Visceral Games. Dead Space was an entirely original intellectual property, while Dante's Inferno was based on the copyright-free epic poem The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The Los Angeles Times article suggested the Jack the Ripper game would not be released until late 2010 or 2011, and no platforms were indentified.

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sorry about double post. and i heard somewhere they might be putting a supernatural twist into this game, something to do with jack killing vampires... oh noes.

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@Death Masta187. stop trying to be so politically correct, they are not 'glamourizing' jack the ripper. They are making a horror game based on him, not saying what he did was 'cool'. If anything it will help people realise the dark, twisted nature of him.

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Hey--the "ripper", isn't that the weapon you use with circular blades in it in the actual Dead Space game? I'm just saying. I mean, it might not relate to Jack the Ripper at all--they just want to trademark that particular weapon. But we'll see though.

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make sure there is a sneak button. You need to get the jump on those mark-ass-tricks

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Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper was so awesome and atmospheric. They did a great job on that game.

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WTF. Why do we have to glamorize one of the worst serial rapist/murderer in history. Yet another Epic fail for EA and visceral.

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According to another news site, you do play as Jack. But all is not as it seems with the Prostitutes, and Jack is apparently more of a Scourge vs invading demons etc etc. No idea how valid that story is though.

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From my point of view i really dont think this game was meant to be about Jack the ripper per say cause i dont think they can make a game about him. If u notice that they trademarked the words(the ripper). That could mean that their working on a horror game that envolvs the word but it could be anything they come up with like a new original IP, but thats only how i see it

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How do you make a J the R game? Play as Jack and kill as many prostitutes as possible before the timer runs out? It is the only idea I can come up with.

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@NavIGOtoR25 It has been confirmed. Rejoice.

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DEAD SPACE 2 - please do it!!!

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give me DS 2 !!!!!! cant wait ,and if thats true about Jack The Ripper game, what i can say ......brilliant !!!!!!!!

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There was an element of the "whitechapel Jack" story conveyed in the original "Shadowman" game I was always a little fascinated by the legend of jack. And a game made by Visceral based on that legend will most definitely have my interest

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The stage seems set for a dark, foggy London dripping with fear if the nerve-shattering environs of the USG Ishimura are anything to go by. Also Dead Space's ultraviolent carnage sets Visceral Games up perfectly for nasty Ripper-induced deaths. Bring on the gore.

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@argle, there's been quite a few games where Vlad/Dracula was the antagonist. :-)

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This could turn into a really sweet Horror-esque game, in oppose to a Kill prostitutes/escape the authorities game, which would be really exciting, since the horror game genre is sort of a dieing breed.

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Don't we already have a game where you run around killing prositutes?

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wow.... this could be a good stealth game or a bad prostitute game....

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That's Great looking forward to this one ^_^

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What they need to do is read the book 'Savage", then base it on that. If you never read Savage, then google it.

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I could see this game going in three possible directions: 1) You play as Jack himself- which might be interesting if they turn it into a stealth based game where you avoid the authorities, rather than one that revolves around killing prostitutes. 2) You play as a detective trying to solve the case and stop Jack- this has the potential to be a very good game, to me at least. 3) You play as a prostitute running away from Jack- which just sounds horrible beyond belief (in a moral way and a game way), but you never know....

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It seems like an interesting idea to play a game based on Jack the Ripper. The story of Jack the Ripper has a lot of speculation behind it, and they can definitely work with that to make a very interesting game out of it.

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@Argie, I doubt they would go so far as to have the Impaler's actions in a game... And if they do I don't want to see it. His intentions were to protect his people - which is great... But the means was just... Awful - as described by the classic painting immortalizing the deeds he did.

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@NearlyPrescient If they back it up with great features and gameplay, it wouldn't realy matter. Especially considering it happened in the late 1800's.

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@rob_damage I'm not going to lie, but the idea of people actually playing as Jack the Ripper is going to piss off a lot of people. personally, I don't think it's at all appropriate.

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jack the ripper game? wow.....thats dark even for me, and i had a blast with Oblivions dark brotherhood quests. whos next, Vlad the Impaler?

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Uhhh...well, unless they go off-course like crazy it doesn't sound much like any fun at all, the actual history's not exactly a great game idea...XD

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jeeze might as well make a game about michael jacksons victims now

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I think if they did Jack the Ripper in a detective way, they'd need to really capture old skool London and everything. Plus they'd need something to keep the player in the game. Dead Space has that. Hundreds of Necromorphs on a ship in space. What will happen?

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Another interesting concept that just occurred to me is if this game was somewhat like Psychonauts, nou know, you go into the mind of the Ripper...

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just give us Dante's Inferno and Dead Space 2 this is enough for me for now.

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how gr8 would this be- the game would be in two parts that would bounce off each other continuously: for the first level you are the ripper- stalking your prey like the predator. the next, you're the detective trying to solve the mystery of brutal killings going on in england...

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If they make it a crime drama/detective game, that would be awesome. Reminiscent of the movie From Hell starring Depp. That would be an excellent game.

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So even if you played as Jack the Ripper(and I hope none of us want to), this game would be pretty short. Then again, Dante's Inferno isn't quite accurate to the real story either.. The only way I could see this working is if the detective you play as uncovers some conspiracy involving those prostitutes... Although that would still be better than a detective game.

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I'd rather they keep working on Dead Space games. Sure Jack the Ripper was a notorious killer, but you can count his victims on both hands. Dismembering the limbs of hundreds of the necromorphs in the dark on an empty and frightening ship sounds a lot more exciting.

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this game will be epic or offensive. very interesting concept. but its basically the same as making a game about genocide or man slaughter. in concept. because jack the ripper existed and had many unfortunate victims

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@REgrl4life: Yeah I love Dead Space, Visceral seems like they'll be great in the survivor horror business.

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That actually sounds intresting. Hopefully they pull it off. Knowing their degree, its going to happen.

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man, really? somehow i am not sure id really want a game like this

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Awesome. If they just use the Heavy Rain game as a gameplay template, it could become a low key cult classic.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@zaqcdebgt9513 the thing with Jacks case is that alot of different theories have been said. Nothing is certain, or do you sit on classified info? ;)

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Jack the ripper was the ultimate horror story. He held a city the size of the bronx in his grip for months. I guess the next game we should look for is son of sam

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I don't see how they could make a fun game out of this without being historically inaccurate.

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The ripper...wasn't that an old adventure game with christopher walken? I remeber it as a pretty decent game although I was much younger back then and not as picky as nowadays. I like the theme with Jack the ripper. I still enjoy the plot around Jack and the time, late 19th century, is awesome.

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If you want to play a great Jack the ripper game before that one come, try Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the ripper.

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