Dead Space Creator Is Crafting A "Quad-A" Title With PUGB Corporation

Dead Space and Call of Duty director Glen Schofield is excited about Striking Distance's first game.


Last year, former Dead Space and Call of Duty: WWII creative director, Glen Schofield, was appointed CEO of PUBG Corporation's newest studio, Striking Distance. While the San Ramon studio hasn't yet revealed what it's working on, Schofield believes they're aiming for something beyond what modern Triple-A games achieve.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Schofield touched on Striking Distances vision to expand on the lore very vaguely established in PlayerUnknown's Battleground with their new narrative-focused project. Striking Distance, which now has 70 employees, is referring to its project as "quad-A" due to its ambitious goals, according to Schofield.

"We have a seasoned group here," says Schofield. "We hope to just make something triple-A. We're actually calling it quad-A. We want to go above and beyond and make something special."

The ability to aim this high is afforded by PUGB Corporation's CEO, C.H. Kim. According to Schofield, Kim has given him a lot more room to make the game he and his team want to make, without needing to conform to a layout prescribed by an existing franchise.

"I don't have a Call of Duty or a World War II where I have to fit a game that I want to make into that framework," Schofield added. "Advanced Warfare was one that gave me more creative freedom, but again, you knew it was a particular style of game. This one I was just coming at it saying, 'What's the game I want to play'"

Dead Space co-creators Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey left Activision's Sledgehammer Games after shipping Call of Duty: WWII. While Schofield is leading Striking Distance, Condrey has joined 2K, helping found their newest studio, 31st Union.

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