Dead Space 2 'Severed' DLC announced

Paid download pack for XBL and PSN bundles two single-player missions surrounding Dead Space: Extraction characters; release date and price TBD; game to use Online Pass.


No Caption Provided Dead Space 2 only launched today for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, but developer Visceral Games is already readying the title's first batch of add-on content.

Announced today was the Severed downloadable content. The two-mission add-on pack brings Dead Space: Extraction characters Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdock into the world of Dead Space 2. Specifically, gamers will play as Gabe, a Sprawl security guard, who must defeat the nefarious necromorphs and get himself and Lexine to safety.

Dead Space 2 gets severed later this year.
Dead Space 2 gets severed later this year.

Severed is set to be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year at an undisclosed price. Neither a price nor a release date was offered for the PC iteration of the expansion.

In addition to announcing the downloadable content, EA today noted that new copies of Dead Space 2 come bundled with an Online Pass code that enables full access to the game's online features. Those without a code can purchase one from Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network for 800 Microsoft points or $10.

For more on the just-released horror title, check out GameSpot's review of Dead Space 2.

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Well this is crap! You wait for DS2 and when you get it you are like: WOHOOOOO!!!! I GOT IT! I GOT IT! 5 mins later on the news... EA announced a DLC pack called Severed blah,blah,blah... and it will be charged 10 BUCKS TO FULLY UNLEASH THE DS2, while the NEW BUNDLED DS2 COPIES COME WITH A FREE PASS!!!! Conclusion: EA is a b****. Life is a b****. You are an as***** for buying this game right when it came out!

Avatar image for lsw3638

This might be good strategy to stay profitable but it sure would pxxx off lots of customers. If only there's a way to effetively counteract to this...

Avatar image for JSusie

Visceral to EA: Here's your game! 100% finished and wow is it good! EA: Weeellll, that's great and all, but we only need 70% of it right now. We'll just release the next 30% in 5% increments and charge people $10 a pop.

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I don't know if this was mentioned before but there is a petition about the PC DLC matter, either if you are a console player or not I think you should participate. Here it is if anyone is interested << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for WafflePrime

@Viron_Berserker I'm with you the multiplayer is awesome but I think the maps might get old after a while, hopefully they'll add more down the line

Avatar image for Master_Turismo

Already? I'm barely through the game still xP.

Avatar image for Gen007

@Barighm Absolutely right man. The games great it really is but after spending a good amount of time with it i have to say it dosent feel like its evolved all that much from first game. It leans more towards the really good expansion side of things. GS hit that dead on in their review.

Avatar image for DEATH775

Wow I haven't bought the game yet and already they are releasing the DLC. Hope the DLC is worth it

Avatar image for Barighm

This game is turning out to be a serious offender with regards to nickle and diming. Yeah, there's a couple new guns, but most of the new stuff is DLC only. It's a little absurb considering Dead Space wasn't that big a hit in the first place. Note: you can activate a 2 day free trial of multiplayer if you're just renting the game.

Avatar image for klownluv

games been out for 2 days and already has DLC coming out later..They did a very nice job with their internet servers..have not lagged once...Love this game from head to toe..keep it going guys great job..

Avatar image for Viron_Berserker

What no new multi maps?

Avatar image for CreatureRising

Still on the ropes about getting it, someone tell me something that will make me buy it :D.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

@myungish [quote="You"]Wait, so it's officially announced that the PC version won't get the DLCs? Is there a source? I'll seriously reconsider buying this game if they alienate my chosen platform.[/quote]

Here's << LINK REMOVED >> on this matter. EA purportedly told them that this DLC won't be on the PC version.

Personally, I don't mind if pay-to-play DLC doesn't reach a game version of my chosen platform. If it does, then I would assess its functionality, impact on the gameplay and its pricing-to-content worth on a case-by-case basis instead of approaching them with a generalized view, e.g. "would they alienate my chosen platform?"

This DLC for Dead Space 2 looks like content meant to give something a bit more to the story in Extraction, and perhaps some closure. It would probably be more attractive to consumers who have played and loved Extraction, but I doubt that its relevance to the events in Dead Space 2 (which concerned Isaac) would be anything more than tangential.

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@cusseta123 No I consider games that actually take up a large part of the disc worth the cost. So... Fallout, Oblivion, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto(all of those games were more than full, and THEN the devs added on DLC for fans who wanted more from them), hell some of the Call of Duty games have more substance than Dead Space 2 unfortunately. I assumed it was at least 12 hours long, I've since realized I was off by about 4 hours. I'm not saying it's a bad game, I'm saying the developers should be charging half the price of a full game if they didn't even plan to finish it before releasing, and are going to offer extra gameplay as soon as it's released and all of the big fans have already bought it. I'm certain some of the other DLC released will involve Isaac as well, so it's similar to buying a ticket to a 1 hour movie, only to find out you don't get to see the ending without spending more. Every game doesn't need 100 hours of gameplay, but lots of them could include 100 hours of gameplay and the developers choose not to have more than 10 per cent of that amount in the entire game.

Avatar image for Cobretti1818

No PC love? Maybe they know none of us will fall for this scam.

Avatar image for Alex_09

@Khatjal Yeah I can't deny I still buy them when the best way to end this nonsense would be to give them up for a while, but at the very least I wait a year now for their games to be cheaper and so they include a few add ons. I'm hoping their online pass rule doesn't require you to buy the game new within the first few months of release, because you can still get a new game a year later for half the price if you wait for a fair deal. Kotick is definitely greedy too, but even Activision hasn't started milking their customers this quickly. I agree with you on Guitar Hero as well, that's basically a subscription based game.

Avatar image for TensaZangetsu19

online pass will cutdown on the amount of players. because if someone buys it used there not going to pay more money to play online it that simple.

Avatar image for OaklandRaiderz

DLC is a way of releasing an unfinished game and making you pay extra to play the full game

Avatar image for muppen

No one is forcing anyone to buy anything here, stop acting like that is the case. If you don't want to play it, then don't buy it. Simple.

Avatar image for the_ChEeSe_mAn2

Can't wait for a Steam sale next holidays with all DLC included for a fraction of the game's current $60+ price.

Avatar image for tyskenfan

Not sure if I will by them. But wait a minute. Am I correct in asuming that EA wants to charge us to be able to play online?

Avatar image for SkidRow18

really? i haven't even brought the game yet....

Avatar image for NooDLES-666

DLCs are like gas prices, they keep going up, but people keep buying. It has to get to a point where theres a stand and millions of people stop paying for it, but that will never happen because everyone is too afraid of "oh no I cant miss work" or "i gotta pay another $15 on top of the $80 I paid for the game to play NEW content" I hate this world, it is ass backwards.

Avatar image for Muteki_X

@ ahpuck Exactly!! I too remember when you got rewarded for playing the game well and putting the effort into it. Now you get rewarded for blindly throwing money at it.

Avatar image for pelvist

I didnt even buy the game yet, glad i didnt because i wont be buying it now.

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

DLC.. Access Codes.. What a load of crap. I'm sorry but when games have an rrp of 49.99 how can they then justify charging you even more when they could have quite easily put it on the disc. In fact half the time the content is already on the disc but you need to buy the code - Joke! I suppose until people stop buying it though there's nout us concerned gamers can do.. p.s. In addition to this I would also like to add that on MoH roughly every 5 games I magically "disconnect" to be greeted with a message telling me to buy the online access code. No EA. Sod off already.

Avatar image for shansss123

really i hate these stupid DLC's

Avatar image for shansss123

where is the pc version morons?

Avatar image for buft

the rubbish on sale today was the icing on the cake, the games out here in the UK on thursday and considering they want me to pay $75 for everything thats on the disk is beyond a joke. I will be voting with my wallet this time and wont be paying EAs Disk tax again

Avatar image for SuprSaiyanRockr

@ dkslade I agree, EA killed Brutal Legend.

Avatar image for Evilnator

I usually hate on DLC, but this has the characters from extraction! Worth it!

Avatar image for ACWH

The simple answer is to boycott DLC. Until a significant number of do it, there's no point in whining.

Avatar image for myungish

Wait, so it's officially announced that the PC version won't get the DLCs? Is there a source? I'll seriously reconsider buying this game if they alienate my chosen platform.

Avatar image for SpinoRaptor24

Remember when expansions actually came with substantial content? Good times.

Avatar image for TheDecoy2124

I'll pay 10 bucks to play an EA game online when the servers are someday improved. As for DS2, absolutely fantastic so far, even if the CE plasma cutter was somewhat, meh.

Avatar image for Veronity

This DLC thingy is getting weird, im sorry to say this but all those who buy the game will have to pay extra to pay those DLC called craps, while in the other side those who play pirated versions will enjoy full game thanks to hackers... isnt this really pushing ppl to piratism more and more cause of being too greedy?

Avatar image for fLaMbOaStiN

I'am enjoying Dead Space 2 but lol at EA.. First the "online mode" having to be purchased if you rent the game now DLC being announced (and prolly already finished) the DAY of release? Meh w/e.. Back to Dead Space 2 :)

Avatar image for ThePowerOfHAT

Forcing myself to wait until Saturday - my birthday - to play this. The Crysis 2 demo is, thankfully, keeping my busy until then. But damned if I don't wanna get started now.

Avatar image for Vhial

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood got it right, all the DLC so far has been free.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

The PC version does not have the DLC, but at least it did not have content locked-away on the disc (if the PC version is purchased with a disc at all) and the Online Pass. On the other hand, the PC version has an install limit on five machines and the customer has to go through online authorization/de-authorization processes at EA's servers to use or free-up these licenses. :roll: That said, dudes, if the marketing of a game rubs you the wrong way, then just don't play it (and of course don't buy it). It's not like Dead Space 2 is the only game worth your time and money.

Avatar image for GOR_TAK

Day 1 DLC is BS and the biggest scam of the current digital distribution model. DLC should be released to extend the life of a game beyond it's natural lifespan and to keep its community alive. NOT to nickle and dime the consumer from the outset. You developers want to cry a river over piracy but it's ridiculous practices like this that gets you no sympathy and fosters contempt in consumers and goads them into returing your screw job right back to you.

Avatar image for Groove60

Don't worry guys, they waited a couple hours after the game was released to tell us we are supposed to pay more for content that's on the disc we just bought!

Avatar image for TensaZangetsu19

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for Mr_Ditters

I've been desensitized to the whole release DLC on disc thing. I can always choose to not buy it. The big thing is the unlocking online code. That effects me directly as it devalues resale of my purchase. Its EA stickin it to me. That is why I will not buy this game until it is $10 on Steam.

Avatar image for dkslade

ALL you people should be wrong with this.... you are NOT d/l it, you are UNLOCKING it on disc. each d/l is 108.00KB. which is smaller than a theme or rock band song. EA started this with brutal legend.....and its BS

Avatar image for toddx77

@PixelAddict People wouldn't be complaining so much if this wasn't announced today. When a compnay annonces DLC so soon after launch it just shows that they were lazy. If your going to charge someone $60 for a game then give them everything you got, make the player have as much content to play as possible. The developers should then pay attention to what fans are saying and then start making DLC with that knowledge. That way the fans get a complete game and getting DLC of what they want which means they will more likely be willing to pay for it. Also the fact that it wasn't even announced for pc is like EA telling us pc gamers they are not as valued as their console gamers.

Avatar image for adam8093

Glad I bought it new =p

Avatar image for kenny1292

@PixelAddict You can never satisfy everyone. They do one thing, this group of people complains, they do what they want, another group complains. It never ends and someone will always be displeased. Unfortunatly that is the world we live in today. I do agree with you though. I like this and am looking foward to this DLC. I beat the game only about an hour ago and it was quite amazing. I don't understand how people can get angry at them for releasing costume and weapon packs on the first day. It's for people that want it. Visceral Games isn't gonna think "wait, some people might not want to buy this because they don't think it's worth it. We shouldn't release this even though other people might want to buy it." No. That's not how this works. I didn't buy it because i didn't want it. But i don't think they are trying to suck out all our money. Just because they are exploring their opportunities to make more profit, they're not trying to force you to give them as much money as possible. It's not like they sold you the game then said "now you have to pay more to get past the main menu." (this is kinda like the online pass situation which I don't like but that's EA games and they are getting greedy in my opinion)

Avatar image for Vaultboy-101

Sounds good.

Avatar image for ahpuck

Remember the days when killing that one boss granted you a shinny new sword, piece of armor or new gun? now days you only get a useless achievement or trophy. You want that shinny sword, armor or gun, you have to pay for it. :)