Dead Space 2 helps reanimate EA quarterly earnings

Undead outer-space thriller, Dragon Age II, Crysis 2 each ship more than 2 million; company posts quarterly profit of $151 million, annual loss of $276 million.


Though the holiday quarter is traditionally when publishers make the lion's share of their money, the January-March period proved a profitable one for Electronic Arts. Today, the company reported that it had net income of $151 million for the quarter on $1.09 billion of revenue. That's up from the $30 million in net income and $979 million in revenue the company reported during the same quarter the year prior.

Dead Space 2 helped revive EA's Q1 earnings.
Dead Space 2 helped revive EA's Q1 earnings.

There were several reasons EA started off 2011 in the black, and they were called Dead Space 2, Dragon Age II, and Crysis 2. All of the titles were released in the January-March quarter, and each has shipped more than 2 million units, according to the megapublisher. Sales of Dead Space 2 were 40 percent higher than for the original game during a comparable period, the company reported.

All in all, EA launched seven titles during the quarter, which shipped more than 1 million units each, leading it to claim the title of number-one publisher in the "Western world" on high-definition consoles and the PC. The period also saw digital revenue for the quarter climb to $211 million, up from $144 million during the same time frame the year prior.

The January-March period was the fourth quarter of EA's fiscal year, which saw improvement over the prior fiscal year. For the 12 months ended March 31, the company saw revenue of $3.59 billion, down from $3.65 billon the year before. However, the company's losses narrowed from $677 million in fiscal 2010 to $276 million in fiscal 2011.

EA gave a rundown of some highlights of the fiscal year, which saw FIFA 11 ship more than 12 million units. In addition, the FIFA franchise itself generated over $100 million in digital revenue during the fiscal year. Meanwhile, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 shipped more than 7 million units, and Medal of Honor, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, and Madden NFL 11 each sold more than 5 million units.

Looking ahead, EA expects to take in revenue of $910 million to $950 million during the current fiscal quarter. For the entire 2012 fiscal year, the company expects revenue of $3.7 billion to $3.9 billion.

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Dead Space 2 was honestly one of the best games I've played in years.

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while i chickened out on ds2 (literally) crysis 2 was superb. Lets hope they make the next one more intense!

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Maybe EA will start to realize the value of simply publishing game rather than messing with devs, making them add stuff they dont want/need, pushing for earlier release dates, etc. Cant say for certain, but for all of our sakes, Im going to hope.

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when did ea make games?

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Haven't played any of them but they all look good. Not so much of a DA guy though.

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EA games have good games, and I hope their games will continue to be good.

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So glad to see Crysis 2 getting good sales. Same with Dead Space 2.

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to be entirely fair, if not for the slight hiccup that was dragon age 2 (and i mean slight because i still enjoyed it), this quarter's been pretty good for the company. As long as they don't go to the extreme of rushing their games(Ubisoft) or announcing games early enough that people forget they were eventually coming out (Blizzard [diablo 3 anyone?]) they should get even better with time :)

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Im happy for Dead Space 2, maybe a Dead Space 3 next year or in 2 years?

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Mass Effect 3 is gonna make u BIG DADDY :D

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I never finished the first Dead Space so I backed out of this one. Maybe I'll pick it up again. It wasn't bad just didn't like all the back tracking and their didn't seem to be enough enemies, just a lot of walking around.

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@Daian [quote="You"]EA FTW! Damn Kraptivision and Ubi-DRM-soft.[/quote]

EA has plenty of DRM for some of its games, in case you do not know. For example, do check << LINK REMOVED >>; there's Dragon Age II, with the clause "INTERNET CONNECTION AND EA ACCOUNT REQUIRED".


Then, there's Darkspore - which << LINK REMOVED >>.

(Not to mention that the very, very iffy << LINK REMOVED >>.)

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I was looking forward to Crysis 2, huge fan of Crysis, Warhead and Far Cry. It was ok but nothing ground breaking. Dead Space 2 was amazing, anyone who skipped that one should really try it out.

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Super happy with my latest ones, BBC2, NFS Hot Pursuit, and best of all Dead Space 2...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Finally EA is making good games......welcome back EA

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Neat!!! Now put that money into Dead Space 3 and make it even more awesome and have it sell more. Cheers to EA for making good games.

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Dead Space 2 saves the day! :D

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Crysis 2 and Dead Space 2 are the best games from start to finish can,t wait for Crysis 3 & Dead Space 3 (DA II was horrible)

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Good job EA. Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 2 and BulletStorm were all awesome games.

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DeadSpace2 is without doubt one of the best 2011 games so this new is not a new thing !

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EA FTW! Damn Kraptivision and Ubi-DRM-soft.

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I got DS2 so I helped. :P

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Crysis 2 was overrated, Dead Space 2 was much better than expected.

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Hot Pursuit was ridiculously fun, just as you'd expect from Criterion. Battlefield and MoH were pretty good too, and although it had problems I'm enjoying DAII right now, so pretty solid lineup from EA this quarter. Let's hope they continue this effort.

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crysis 2 very nice

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Dead Space 3 plz :)

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Glad for Dead Space 2 :)

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If EA keeps publishing worthwhile titles such as Dead Space Crysis, Battlefield, C&C, Rock Band and Mass Effect, then I fully support them and hope they knock Activision off their pedestal. EA isn't perfect, but I prefer the lesser of two evils: it also gives the gaming world a better rep. =P

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Wait... what? They lost $677 billion in 2010? What kinda money is EA playing with?

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Dead Space 2, and Crysis 2 earned it, not sure about the others.

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@Setho10 gah. fixed.

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Here is a toast to EA pouring even more resources over Dead Space 3!

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@hawaiiinsomniac Just remember, DS2 will not pay your bills. lol. I went through this when TES Oblivion came out. These are what helped remember "It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles in Elder scrolls or dead space".

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not bad... publish games people look forward to and you will be rewarded if the games are good..

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Mass Effect 3 will put EA in the black next year too :)

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Can't wait to finally play DS2, gotta wait until FiNALS are over. ughhhhh!