Dead Rising 4's Launch Trailer Is a Zombie-Filled Christmas Nightmare

"Let the slay ride begin."


Ahead of the game's release next week, Microsoft has published Dead Rising 4's launch trailer--and it's unique. The video is narrated by protagonist Frank West, who is reading through a version of "The Night Before Christmas." Obviously, this is has a zombie spin, and there are some great rhymes such as "With nowhere to go and no safety in sight, I picked up my bat and prepared for a fight."

As he's reading the book, the trailer shows footage of West acting out the things he's reading. The climax of the trailer is when West finds an exo suit. "And then they were, right there on the floor, the exo suit and weapons I'd asked Santa for," he says. Check out the full video in the embed above.

Dead Rising 4's holiday theme has been well-established already. The game's announcement trailer at E3 used the famous Christmas song "Jingle Bell Rock," while the story itself is set during the holiday period. Additionally, Capcom released a zombie yule log video last week to promote the game.

Dead Rising 4 launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on December 6; it's a timed exclusive, which means it could come to PS4 and Steam in the future. The game's DLC offerings will include an 18-hole mini golf course that supports up to four players online and holiday-themed weapons.

In other news about Dead Rising 4, Capcom recently confirmed that the game's campaign will not have cooperative multiplayer, though there is a co-op solution.

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