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Dead Rising 4: Why Capcom Went With Different Frank West Actor

"It's no disrespect to history or previous actors."


Dead Rising 4 sees the franchise return to its roots in a way, as the game brings back elements from the first entry including main character Frank West and the Willamette setting itself. However, Frank West voice actor TJ Rotolo was not brought back for the new game and now Capcom has explained why.

As part of a fan Q&A this week, Dead Rising asset manager Trant Lee-Amies explained that Frank West has "evolved" since the last time fans saw him. "We wanted to work with someone to provide a more grizzled, older take on Frank at this stage--just don't ask him about his age," Lee-Amies said.

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Dead Rising 4 takes place 16 years after the events of the first game. As such, Capcom decided to cast a new actor for the role that "reflected his age while still retaining the charm and humor that made him such a hit with fans."

Capcom has not yet revealed who is voicing Frank West in Dead Rising 4, but Lee-Amies is excited for the opportunity to finally tell fans who it is.

"We think Frank's new voice actor has done a phenomenal job, and we can't wait to share more of him with you in the future," Lee-Amies explained.

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Lee-Amies went on to say that actors get replaced all the time in media and entertainment, pointing to the James Bond series as an example. "It's no disrespect to history or previous actors--TJ has done a bang-up job," Lee-Amies said. "It was a chance to with a new game to progress the franchise as best we can with a different vision just as we see new James Bonds over the years.

"I vote Idris Elba for the next James Bond."

Dead Rising 4 releases December 6, 2016 for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC as a timed exclusive.

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