Dead Rising 4 Preorder Bonuses Are Different Everywhere

You'll need to plan ahead if you intend to preorder the game.


Microsoft today announced the various bonuses available for preordering Dead Rising 4, and they may factor into where you decide to buy the game.

Dead Rising 4 frustratingly goes the route of having retailer-specific preorder bonuses. That means you'll receive something different depending on where you pick the game up--a prospect that could be a real nuisance for Amazon Prime or Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked members who are entitled to discounts but find themselves liking what's offered at other stores.

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Four different bonuses were revealed today on the Xbox Wire. The Xbox Store offers X-Fists, giant green fist weapons usable when in the game's new exo suit. GameStop has the Steampunk Snowman Head, a combo weapon that freezes enemies by firing snowballs. Best Buy has the self-explanatory Candy Cane Crossbow, while Amazon provides the Slicecycle, a dirt bike with a chainsaw sticking out on either side of it.

Whichever one you get, you'll be able to access for free in-game from an Emergency Shelter vendor in Story mode or a Vending Machine in multiplayer.

There's no word on if there will be any alternative way to obtain any of these. Preorder bonuses are sometimes sold as DLC later down the line, which is some consolation for those uninterested in blindly preordering a game ahead of time.

Today's announcement also mentions that details will be shared soon about Dead Rising 4's season pass.

Dead Rising 4 is slated for release on December 6 for Xbox One and PC. Prior to that, remastered versions of some of the earlier games in the series are on their way.

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