Dead Rising 3 projected to sell 1.2 million copies

Capcom reveals worldwide sales expectations for upcoming Xbox One zombie game; Lost Planet 3 fails to meet commercial expectations at 300,000 units sold to date.

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Capcom expects Xbox One-exclusive open-world zombie game Dead Rising 3 to sell 1.2 million copies worldwide by the end of March 2014, the company announced today.

The publisher said it also plans to raise the downloadable content (DLC) sales ratio by increasing full-game and add-on download sales across its portfolio of games. Earlier this week, Capcom announced the Dead Rising 3 season pass, which features four separate expansion packs for $30.

The sales forecast came as part of Capcom's latest earnings report, where it was also revealed that Lost Planet 3 failed to meet commercial expectations. The game has sold 300,000 units in Europe and North America so far, Capcom said.

Resident Evil: Revelations for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC sold 1 million units so far, while Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen has moved more than 650,000 copies since launch in April.

Also in Capcom's earnings report, the company announced Kiwi & Me, an all-new iOS puzzle game that is aimed at casual female players.

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