Dead Rising 3 gets unlockable Mega Man X costume

Live out your Halloween fantasies of dressing up as Mega Man and killing zombies.


Mega Man X
Dead Rising 3
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The original Dead Rising included an unlockable Mega Man costume. Dead Rising 2 featured Protoman. So you can safely assume that the Xbox One-exclusive Dead Rising 3 will also feature some kind of cameo from the Blue Bomber's series; and you'd be right. This time it's X.

In an interview with the game's producer Mike Jones, Polygon reports that you'll be able to unlock a Mega Man X costume by completing Nightmare, DR3's hardest difficulty setting. But Jones doesn't think just anyone will be able to complete that challenge. "Some of our QA testers think that Nightmare is possibly the most difficult Dead Rising yet."

"That is yet to be determined by the gamers at large," Jones said, "but we tried to make it a proper challenge. We made a deliberate choice to separate the regular story from nightmare mode, which is a challenge for Dead Rising enthusiasts, especially if you start that on level one, which you have as an option instead of your leveled up game, and that is going to be really hard."

Dead Rising 3 is set to launch worldwide with the Xbox One on November 22.

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