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Dead Rising 2 shuffling onto PC, PS3, 360

Capcom confirms rumors, revealing Blue Castle-developed sequel to 1.5 million-selling horror game set in Las Vegas-like gambling mecca; first official trailer inside.


To the surprise of virtually no one, Capcom today confirmed that it is developing Dead Rising 2. The announcement comes just days after the game's trailer hit YouTube and two weeks after designer Keiji Inafune told Famitsu a multiplatform sequel was in the works.

Indeed, keeping with Capcom's newish policy of being console agnostic, the follow-up is in development for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The original sold 1.5 million copies solely on the 360, although a scaled-down Wii port--subtitled Chop 'Til You Drop--is set for release later this month.

Today's report also comes three months after rumors pegged Blue Castle, the shop behind 2K Sports' Major League Baseball game The BIGS, as developing Dead Rising 2. Sure enough, the Vancouver-based studio is working on the game, with Tokyo-based Inafune acting as producer of the project.

As was indicated by the now-official trailer, Dead Rising 2 will be set in a Las Vegas-like gambling metropolis called Fortune City. Set several years after the original's litigiously similar Dawn of the Dead-like mall massacre, the sequel sees zombification spreading unchecked across the US a la the best-selling novel World War Z. Players will be tasked with battling said zombies with a host of new objects, including an American Gladiators-like giant hamster ball.

Capcom has not yet announced a release window for Dead Rising 2. GameSpot will have more details on the game as they emerge.

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