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Dead or Alive: Dimensions duking it out May 24

Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja's first 3DS offering will arrive on Nintendo's new portable before Memorial Day.


Yesterday, Nintendo released its second-quarter lineup for all three of its platforms: The Wii, DS family, and 3DS. On the latter's schedule was Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei's Dead or Alive: Dimensions, one of the first fighting games for the glasses-free 3D platform.

 Dead or Alive: Dimensions will enter the ring on May 24.
Dead or Alive: Dimensions will enter the ring on May 24.

Unfortunately for fans of the Dead or Alive series, the game only bore a "May" launch window. However, today the publisher gave the title a firm North American release date of May 24, less than a week before the US Memorial Day holiday.

As outlined in GameSpot's preview, Dead or Alive: Dimensions features 25 characters, including fan favorites Kasumi, Lei Fang, and Tina Armstrong. It will feature 12 modes, including an Arcade mode that will allow players to fight against an assortment of opponents in one-on-one battles. There will also be a story mode called Chronicle, which features a five-chapter plot complete with cutscenes.

In addition, the game will include a Throwdown mode that lets players use the 3DS's StreetPass technology to allow players to receive challenges. Tecmo Koei will also be distributing 34 new costumes via SpotPass from May 24 to June 26 and again from June 28 to July 31.

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