Dead Or Alive 6 Will Let You Change Hair Colors On PS4--For A Price

The PS4-exclusive update will let players change character's hair color but will charge real money for every change.


The 1.20 update of Dead or Alive 6 will allow PS4 players to change characters' hair color for the first time, though each change will use a Premium Ticket at a cost of $1 each.

As picked up by Kotaku, the update was initially welcomed by the community, until players realized that previously purchased colors would not remain unlocked once paid for.

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This update works more like a real-life hair salon, charging a fee every time you change your hair--even if it's a color you had before. Dead Or Alive community forum Free Step Dodge reached out to Team Ninja to confirm the system was working as planned and the repeated payments were not a bug, which the team then confirmed.

Players of Dead or Alive on PC already have the ability to change a character's hair color through mods, which is a likely reason this update is exclusively for PS4. Team Ninja has confirmed with Free Step Dodge that the update will not be rolling out for PC or Xbox One players.

Team Ninja recently released Core Fighters, a free-to-play version of Dead or Alive 6 that gives players access to a limited number of fighters and stages for free. Additional characters and other game modes, like Story Mode, can be purchased separately for free-to-play players.

The game has long been notorious for expensive, cosmetic-heavy DLC, with the game's first season pass costing a staggering $93. Yet even for a community seemingly used to expensive DLC, Dead or Alive fans are not happy about how this one has been implemented. Free Step Dodge is asking fans to send their feedback straight to Team Ninja, and to send it often in the hopes of being heard.

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