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Dead or Alive 5 PC Launches Without Online Multiplayer, Missing Two Stages

Fighting game available now on PC, but it's not quite the "defining" experience that Koei Tecmo says it is.


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Koei Tecmo's fighting game Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, which the publisher is labeling the "defining Dead or Alive experience" through a press release, isn't quite living up to that description on PC.

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The game--already available on consoles--launched launched today for PC without an online multiplayer mode, and there is no support for achievements or Steam Cloud. What's more, two stages from the console versions--The Danger Zone and The Crimson--are missing, according to a post on the game's website.

Last Round's online multiplayer mode is expected to launch through a post-release patch within three months, meaning sometime before the end of June.

Up until then, Koei Tecmo is offering the game on Steam for a 10 percent discount, meaning you can pick it up for $36 instead of $40. Last Round does feature an offline mode for up to four players.

Last Round isn't a barebones experience, however, as the game does come with the biggest roster of fighters ever for a Dead or Alive game. A total of 34 characters round out the lineup, including newcomers Raidou and Honoka. The game also offers an extensive unlockable system, with players able to discover more than 400 costumes, while there are also new hairstyle and accessory options to unlock as well.

In terms of graphics, Last Round supports resolutions up to 4K and also boasts anti-aliasing features. However, Koei Tecmo notes that the game's various effects are equivalent to the PlayStation 3 edition, although shading is on-par with the PlayStation 4 version.

Last Round originally launched for last- and current-generation consoles in February. Problems for those versions were reported right away, too, as players quickly discovered a game-breaking bug.

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