Dead Man's Hand Web site live

Site for Atari and Human Head's Old West-flavored shooter up and running.


Developer Human Head opened a Web site for the upcoming Atari-published title Dead Man's Hand today. The Web site features downloadable media (screenshots, movies, and wallpaper), descriptions of the game's weaponry, and wanted posters for each of the members of "The Nine," a gang of outlaws around which the storyline of Dead Man's Hand revolves. The game has a planned December release and will feature support for Xbox Live.

Dead Man's Hand is an action title set in America's Old West. You play an ex-member of The Nine trying to get revenge on your old partners after they attempt to kill you for leaving the gang. The game features first-person shooting action on foot and horseback with pistols, rifles, and the occasional stick of dynamite. As in any Western, there's also some downtime in saloons, with occasional poker games.

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