Dead Island movie in development

Zombie-horror game adaptation under way at Lionsgate; movie to focus on "human emotion, family ties, and nonlinear storytelling."


Dead Island was released earlier this month on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC to generally positive critical reception despite claims of sexism and corrupted PC files. The game--which has sold 2 million units to date--also spawned a novel offshoot. Now, Deep Silver's zombie universe will tell another story, but this one will be on the big screen.

Shambling soon to a theater near you.
Shambling soon to a theater near you.

Lionsgate today announced that it had optioned the rights from Deep Silver to create a film based on the Dead Island video game. The movie is in the very early stages of development, with no plot details yet revealed.

However, Lionsgate did note that interest in the IP was sparked by the CGI trailer for the game that released in February. According to Lionsgate, the film will focus on "human emotion, family ties, and nonlinear storytelling."

Development of the Dead Island film will be led by The Mummy producer Sean Daniel and his Sean Daniel Company. Accompanying Daniel on the project will be post production leader Stefan Sonnenfeld (Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men: The Last Stand). Today's announcement did not mention a director or cast for the Dead Island film.

Set on a secluded resort, the game Dead Island tells the brutal story of everyday civilians caught up in a zombie apocalypse. Gamers can choose among four character classes, which break down into the leader, tank, jack-of-all-trades, and assassin archetypes. Every single character starts out the same way; characters are suddenly attacked by zombies at the island's hotel, knocked out, and dragged to a nearby pool house converted to a shelter.

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@BoabDreeps Well if anything has a chance of doing decently well since it's a zombie game. Resident Evil is ok except for the sequels. They need to expand the story of Dead Island a lot to fill a 2 hour film.

Avatar image for AlexFili

This is way too soon. Let's give it a year or so.

Avatar image for BoabDreeps

Movie spin off? Even when the game is good, the movie is always utter pants. So what are we to expect of a movie spin off of a pants game?

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

if the acting is anything like that of the'll be a straight to video crap fest.

Avatar image for ashleyobrien

oh dear oh dear..havent these movie moguls learnt anything? no-one (read us guys) cares about some dizzy blond whining about her daddy and marmy...f'n americans..what we want isa LAUGH out of the EVIL DEAD type stuff...heaps of gore mixed with witty crazy comedic stuff...if you start goin on about cheesy womans feeelings and that syrup you can kiss all those viewers goodbye

Avatar image for RogueSonic

Something tells me that Uwe Boll is directing this one....

Avatar image for ryzrocks

go ahead..the trailer had nothing to do with the game anyway :P

Avatar image for RogueSonic

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for conkerton

One of the sentances in the article is incorrect. It should be "The movie is in the very early stages of development, and will have no plot".

Avatar image for sideshowboots

come on George A. Romero.

Avatar image for supertom221

@Loosifur I see what you did thurrr.

Avatar image for wwlettsome

Makes sense that the trailer got their was actually good.

Avatar image for dawnofhero

Well that was fast! imo, zombies are overrated these days, as are vampires. It's getting annoying seeing all these zombie related merchandise.

Avatar image for Loosifur

Make sure you see it during the opening weekend. The producers will accidentally ship copies of the director's home movies to theaters, and replacements with the actual movie won't make it until a week later.

Avatar image for supertom221

"House of The Dead" Anyone??

Avatar image for Codester_41

Oh boo, this is going to suck! The Dead Island game was horrible, big rip-off of a billion RPGs out there in the world. Now they're transforming it into a movie? C'mon, it's gonna be as lame as the Resident Evil movies coming out. (Even though, I did appreciate the first one)

Avatar image for Grimkillah

A "Dead Island" film inspired by the CGI trailer, and is going to focus on "human emotion, family ties, and nonlinear storytelling." Let me guess, movie starts off as the story ends, and show how the event was unfolded, end with main protagonist arrive on the island with his family few days earlier?

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

Brilliant. Zombie movies done properly are quality :)

Avatar image for mrboone01

Maybe, unlike the game, the movie will have an actual dramatic story ( you know, like the DI trailer alluded to ) and "actors" that didn't learn their trade from the local community college.

Avatar image for LeoLex_

Dead Island the movie..'Curse of the Texture popping zombies, plagued by the constantly reapearing items trapped on the repetative mission island of rushed development'

Avatar image for DrKill09

Hopefully this adaptation doesn't suck as hard as House of the Dead. :roll:

Avatar image for webdoom

sure, like this game is going to get a movie.. like the halo, gears, bioshock and other countless "movies" that they said they were going to make.. all talk, and no action! ...pun intended

Avatar image for franzito

Gosh, is this game that cool to become a movie!? Honestly, even Silent Hill, that was a good one, turned out IMO screwy in the big screen...

Avatar image for prince__vlad

Dead Island stinks, it has no complete sound and other bugs. You gotta be stupid to buy this. I tried it first from the scene. I erased it after 5 minutes of playing. it sucks , big time! The movie won't be too far from the videogame, the same bitter, lame experience

Avatar image for downwithpeace

If that's what they want then good for them, just don't release a great trailer and then a movie with little or no connection.

Avatar image for CptRexKramer

Maybe they'll ge the great Uwe Boll to direct it. (That's sarcasm, by the way.) ;)

Avatar image for Devils-DIVISION

Good... The movie will do what the game should have. I [unfortunately] have high expectations for this film. I'd hate to be duped twice. In all honesty the CGI trailer had nothing to do with the game, the only thing that was relatable, was the portrayal of death.

Avatar image for dayvancowboy134

f*** dead island! make a Deus Ex movie.

Avatar image for Elite39

*cough* Doom movie *cough*

Avatar image for mdchapel9

HMM... Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, and starring Milla Jovovich, will only be in 3D on I-Max, cant wait... oh yeah and I heard they are planning to do the next sequel Dead Island 2, it will be set 8765 hours before the 1st movie...

Avatar image for Majinssj2Vegita

I want the main characters to be main characters not side characters like another movie game we may know of cough cough resident evil.

Avatar image for Jaxith

Surprisingly, I think Dead Island actually has a good chance of being a good "Video Game Movie", if only because there's very little that can be ruined about it. When you break it down, Dead Island: The Movie is just a zombie film. Granted, I can't think of a single zombie movie that I thought was very good... Incidentally, if anyone has any recommendations in that regard I'd love to hear it. I always wanted to find a zombie movie I actually liked. I really think the core thematic material (zombies) are the biggest hurdle to it being a good movie. It could have no connection to the game other than being set on an island covered with zombies and still have the same odds of being a decent film.

Avatar image for Kashmiro

With very little storyline within the game, a neat atmosphere/setting for the game, and a beautifully designed debut trailer, there is definitely a lot a movie could draw from. The good things about this is that there is little that a movie could really tarnish. In most circumstances, you have to worry about what the storyline will be, but in this situation there isn't a lot of story that a screenwriter could ruin, instead there is more of a foundation they could build from. Beyond that, the atmosphere I thought was very cool within the game, with some neat visuals that could make for some great scenes. Just hopefully they get a good director/ team to make the film, whom will truly pieces it together as a dramatic narrative of tragedy and emotion that we expected after that initial teaser trailer. This does have possibility.

Avatar image for DP1130

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dead Island. Absolutely fantastic game. I was however let down that the game didn't match the trailer. I was really hoping for this game to pull at the heart strings.

Avatar image for 4514N_DUD3

@PeterDuck. I'm am soooo Mofo with ya on that one.

Avatar image for acemcgregor

There already is a Dead Island movie. A little masterpiece called House of the Dead by film auteur Uwe Boll.

Avatar image for Shadow4020

I hope it captures the emotion of the teaser trailer!

Avatar image for hoangtu123

Sam Raimi plz !!!!

Avatar image for PeterDuck

just make 28 months later already

Avatar image for 11CrimsonRubies

I'm hoping with all of my heart that they actually DO focus on the emotional aspect of a zombie outbreak, and that it's actually moving. And that the movie is actually good. But I'm 90% sure it won't meet any of my hopes. x_x

Avatar image for BlackBaldwin

I wouldn't mind another good zombie flick to add to my collection like dawn of the dead kind of caliber movie then again good luck topping that gem...

Avatar image for TimboII

Sure...the movie will probably be terrible...but...BUT...what IF it`s actually as good as the game announcement trailer...?

Avatar image for tubaballoonz

Oh... God. The rule with Lionsgate Films is that they are either very entertaining, whether intentionally or not, or they are complete poo. There is no middle ground. Give ya a dollar if you can guess where this one's gonna land.

Avatar image for Sepewrath

Don't see the point. There is nothing in this game, that hasn't been done in a zombie movie, a dozen times. What exactly would they do, to make it seem like its a movie based on this game and not just any other zombie movie?

Avatar image for DarthVeng_basic

As usual, Hollywood will screw it up adding in their politically correct propaganda and change too many things. Also, this is being "rushed" so that is key word for fail. Cinema is art, and unless you take time and care, it will be like 99% of the other Game to Movie atrocities. Hollywood has forgotten that movies are an artform, not a cash cow 3D gimmickfest.

Avatar image for Grovilis

Would've preferred a good Left 4 Dead movie or even a Dead Rising movie, but Dead Island? Really? What's in this game story wise that makes it so different to the many other zombie games out there?

Avatar image for flyinknee91

So they're going to make a movie about what the game should have been. I'm okay with that.

Avatar image for oldbomb

And this going to be directed by Uwe Boll :)

Avatar image for jspin

im actually trilled by the concept... as long as they thwack the storyline alittle to make it a bit more interesting. the over all concept of some people who have an immunity to the virus and actually helping others trying to escape/survive a crisis of this magnitude sounds like a good movie plot. i would pay to see it

Avatar image for Suikogaiden

Resident Evil already did this. I miss the days when zombie movies were horror flicks and not action.