Dead Island DLC delayed

Release of $10 Bloodbath Arena content pushed back so Techland can add "further polishing" to the main game; new release date coming this week.


Gamers hoping to hop into new locations to mow down waves of animated corpses in Dead Island are going to have to wait. Deep Silver has announced that the game’s Bloodbath Arena add-on has been delayed.

Bloodbath Arena's opening ceremonies have been delayed.
Bloodbath Arena's opening ceremonies have been delayed.

According to the game's Facebook page, developer Techland needed more time to add "further polishing" to the main game before it could ready the $10 Bloodbath Arena content for release.

However, gamers won't have to wait long for an updated release date for the Bloodbath Arena content. According to the statement, a new release date for the DLC will arrive this week.

The Bloodbath Arena pack--previously a Dead Island Special Edition-exclusive--is composed of both single-player and multiplayer challenges in four distinct areas. Waves of zombies will assault players in the Bloodbath Arena content, with gamers tasked with simply killing them all and staying alive in the process.

Additionally, players can display and track their progress via the Bloodbath Arena's leaderboards. And to assist in those deathly pursuits, the content includes an exclusive weapon: the brain wave bomb.

In addition to the upcoming DLC, Dead Island is set to expand to the silver screen via film studio Lionsgate. The Mummy producer Sean Daniels is leading work on the unnamed film, which will focus on "human emotion, family ties, and nonlinear storytelling."

For more on the main game, check out GameSpot's review of Dead Island.

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