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Dead Island 'Bloodbath Arena' DLC coming next week

Techland's open-world zombie game to get its first content pack; free to those who have preorder edition of game.


Dead Island struck a chord with many upon release despite its various technical issues. Its first downloadable content pack, Bloodbath Arena, was delayed in early October to allow the developer time to focus on ironing out the kinks in the base game, but it is now off the back burner and has a new release date.

Bloodbath Arena may look a little like this.
Bloodbath Arena may look a little like this.

Bloodbath Arena is now set to be available on November 22 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. The DLC will be free for those with the "Pre-order Edition" of the game, but everyone else will have to shell out $9.99 (800 Microsoft points) for the new content.

The Bloodbath Arena pack is composed of both single-player and multiplayer challenges in four distinct areas. Waves of zombies will assault players in the Bloodbath Arena content, with gamers tasked with killing the hordes and staying alive in the process.

Additionally, players can display and track their progress via Bloodbath Arena's leaderboards. And to assist in those deathly pursuits, the content includes an exclusive weapon: the brain wave bomb. Experience points and items from the DLC will transfer to the campaign mode.

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