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Dead Island 2 - The Clean And Snatch Quest Guide

The first Lost & Found quest in Dead Island 2 is an introduction to a tricky set of missions you'll encounter throughout the game.


While exploring Beverly Hills in Dead Island 2, you'll come across a mission called The Clean and Snatch, your first of 15 total Lost & Found quests. These tricky side missions operate sort of like scavenger hunts; you'll follow a series of clues to your ultimate destination, which normally ends up being either a locked weapon chest with a great weapon inside or a missing person (turned zombie) whose item drops will include mods or weapons. Whether you're a completionist or just looking for some prime loot, Lost & Found quests are a good time, though their unclear clues make them tricky. Here we'll walk you through the game's first such quest.

The Clean and Snatch mission - Dead Island 2

You'll pick up this mission in the pool outside of Roxanne's crash pad for former rockstars. It's easy enough to get to once you've been to Beverly Hills, as it operates as the region's sole safehouse. You'll find a trader, a fast travel map, quest givers, and more inside. Head to the backyard and look for a note next to the locked chest sitting in the emptied-out pool. Inside this chest is your quest reward for The Clean and Snatch, but it's going to take a while for you to get it open.

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Read the note you found and notice the words highlighted in red. In Lost & Found quests, the red font is the key info you need--your lead on the next clue, basically. In this case, the red font illustrates that you need to search the pools of Beverly Hills. There are several shown on the map of the wealthy neighborhood, but it's three that are fairly nearby that you need to investigate. In the back of the pools marked in the map below, you'll find poolside notes that further lead you to your ultimate destination.

When the mission is active, you'll find notes beside each of these pools.
When the mission is active, you'll find notes beside each of these pools.

Once you've searched around the three pools you see marked above, you should have enough information to determine your next step. The clues mention a prank channel, a pizza-shaped pool float, and a home in Bel-Air. The only house that was once home to internet pranksters and has a pizza-shaped pool toy in Bel-Air is the Goat Pen house you likely passed through earlier in the story. Leave Beverly Hills and go home to Bel-Air.

When you get to the Goat Pen house, because you'll have unlocked the earlier clues, you'll find a unique enemy named Obi, who is the subject of the notes you've been finding. Like a lot of quest-specific named enemies, Obi won't spawn until you've made it this far in his related quest, but since you have, he'll be there.

Once you've found all poolside notes, travel to Bel-Air to take on the pool boy.
Once you've found all poolside notes, travel to Bel-Air to take on the pool boy.

Kill him and he'll drop a key that you can then take back to Roxanne's pool to then open the chest and receive your reward: a bundle of XP for your trouble and an antique sword which, if completed soon after you get to Beverly Hills, will be among your best weapons found so far. Its stats are determined by your current level, so we've elected not to show it off here, as it may well perform differently for you, but it should always be of rare (blue) quality at a point in the game when you'll still be picking up grays and greens.

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