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Dead Island 2 Body Art Quest Guide

To complete the Dead Island 2 Body Art side mission, you'll need to find an array of "art supplies," including oversized arm bones, chthonic ichor, infected spines, blade arms, and mutated hearts. Here's where to find each of them.


The side missions in Dead Island 2 introduce you to many strange characters. Few, however, are weirder than Francesca. She's an artist in Beverly Hills, but in the zombie apocalypse, she's taken to using the undead as art supplies. Across a series of six missions, collectively called Body Art, you'll want to supply her with the hard-to-find body parts she needs in exchange for XP and other rewards. Here's where to find the Body Art items, including infected flesh, oversized arm bones, chthonic ichor, infected spines, blade arms, and mutated hearts.

Body parts drop using an RNG system, meaning it's randomized and you won't always get the drop you need from the enemy who has a chance to drop it. But they are also exclusive to particular enemy types, so these are your only shot at getting the parts you need. Also note that the mutator enemy type, while not seen in-game until you've finished the story and still bound by the RNG system, may drop each of these items listed below, as the mutant is a grotesque amalgam of all other Apex Variants, or special infected, as you may prefer calling them.

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Body Art: The Visionary - Infected flesh

The easiest of all Francesca's requests is this first one. You can find infected flesh whenever a zombie is killed, no matter the type. Just remember that not every zombie will drop it, but many will. You should have all 10 required pieces in no time.

Body Art: Heft - Oversized arm bones

Oversized arm bones can be found on crushers and their variants. These are the unmissable hulking zombies who look like undead pro wrestlers.

Body Art: Moist - Chthonic ichor

Chthonic ichor is a drop exclusive to slobbers and their variants, the rotund, puking zombies that resemble Left 4 Dead's bloaters.

Body Art: Uproar - Infected spines

Infected spines are found after killing screamers and their variants. These enemies may look quite like other regular zombies, but you'll know them by their deafening screech.

Body Art: Vigor - Blade arms

Blade arms, as you may by now be well too aware, are found on butchers. These challenging enemies begin to show up in the game once you reach the pier, so you'll be spared their relentless attacks for a good while.

Body Art: Dread - Mutated hearts

Meant to be the toughest of all the monsters you'll commonly see walking the streets, mutators drop mutated hearts. You'll begin encountering them after you beat the main story, and they sometimes drop the aforementioned parts you see in this guide. But they're harder to defeat than the others, so it's best to go to each type of zombie for its own specific parts.

Finding these Apex Variants is easier once you know how to fast travel in Dead Island 2. Each region is liable to have concentrated zones where particular Apex Variants spawn. You can view these on your regional map, so if you don't see a hub of a particular special infected in your immediate area, fast travel to another zone. It won't be long before you find what you need. For more on Dambuster's gory sequel, check out our Dead Island 2 tips.

Dead Island 2 has you facing the horrors of a zombie apocalypse. You can learn about other mechanics and content in our guides hub.

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