Dead Cells Bestiary Update Adds Enemies, Items, And More--Notes From Patch 1.8.5

Dead Cells has another free update on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it has expanded the game will new enemies to fight, outfits to wear, and achievements to earn.


Dead Cells has released its latest free update, expanding the beloved rougelike with more enemies to fight, outfits to wear, and more. The update, which applies across both the base game and The Bad Seed expansion,

This update, called The Bestiary Update, adds eight new normal affixes, three new starred affixes, and six new mobs to deal with. It also adds Half-Life themed items: the crowbar weapon and medpacks.

The full patch notes are available, digging into every change introduced in this update, including balance and level design changes. But here are the highlights outlined in the press release for this update:

  • Six brand new enemies await players.Three of the enemies are biome specific and three are found throughout various levels at different Boss Cells.
  • Eleven new affixes on active skills. Eight new normal affixes including ice, fire, bleed or poison, grenades arrows and more. Three new starred affixes including oil and fire spreading around when a deployable trap is destroyed, pushing enemies around you when the effect of the used active ends and extended duration on powers like Wings, Crow and Smokebomb.
  • Two new items. Crowbar--a fast brutality weapon that crits after breaking a door or a breakable prop. Portable Door--allows you to bring a door with you (covering your back while you take care of the mobs in front of you and allowing for an elegant stun effect when you decide to turn around).
  • The Bad Seed addition from earlier this year has received new lore rooms and secrets for the Arboretum and the Morass, as well as new mobs to re-balance the bestiary of the level.
  • Three new outfits cap off the major content updates.Two are linked to the secrets and lore of The Bad Seed DLC, and one is available for everyone that can rise up to the ultimate challenge.

Dead Cells is currently available as part of a Steam bundle of beloved indies looking to raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts. It comes with Subnautica, Celeste, and The Escapists 2, and costs $72 (a 20% discount on their combined retail price).

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