Dead Cells "Barrels O' Fun" Update Adds Exploding Barrels, New Weapons And Biome

You can take on the creatures of the Derelict Distillery and fire exploding barrels at their faces with the latest Dead Cells update.


Developer Motion Twin has issued a new update to Dead Cells, adding loads of new features and an entirely new biome, along with an 8-bit style soundtrack. The "Barrels o' Fun" update is now available on PC, and it will follow on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch sometime this summer.

A new biome called the Derelict Distillery is an old broken down atmosphere with broken bottles and pipes venting steam. The new environment includes explosive barrels, which some of the new enemies will make use of by throwing them right at you or just jamming them into the ground and then jumping out of the way. Another new enemy type, the mimic, looks like a barrel and might catch you by surprise.

To help deal with these new threats, you have access to a few new weapons. Those include a barrel launcher, which is exactly as destructive as it sounds. You can also pick up the new tesla coil to deal damage to large groups of enemies. Finally, the update also adds a new chiptune 8-bit soundtrack for your listening pleasure.

Motion Twin confirmed the console release timing in a separate tweet.

Dead Cells originally released in 2017, scoring a 9/10 in GameSpot's review, but it's gotten a load of post-launch updates adding a variety of quality-of-life features, weapons, biomes, and bosses.

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