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Dead By Daylight's Next Crossover Event Is Resident Evil

Capcom teased the crossover during its 25th Anniversary Resident Evil Showcase, but we'll have to wait a while to find out exactly what it will entail.


Resident Evil is coming to five-player slasher movie simulator Dead By Daylight. Following in the footsteps of franchises like Silent Hill, Ash vs. The Evil Dead, Halloween, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, some RE characters are making their way into the multiplayer horror experience--although we don't know exactly who yet.

Capcom announced the crossover event during its 25th Anniversary Resident Evil Showcase stream, showing off a brief trailer that teased some kind of RE content coming to Dead By Daylight. What the trailer didn't show was any detail about what'll appear in Dead By Daylight, though; we're not sure if characters such as Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, or Leon Kennedy could appear as survivors, or if monsters such as William Birkin or the Nemesis will show up as killers.

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We do know when new information about the crossover will be made available, however. Capcom and Dead By Daylight developer Behavior Interactive are looking to drop more details about the event on May 25 during a reveal stream.

Dead By Daylight is well-known for big crossover events that bring iconic horror movie characters into its experience. In Dead By Daylight, up to four players take on the cooperative role of survivors, facing off against another player who takes on the role of a killer. The survivors have to escape the killer for as long as they can, attempting to set traps and make their escape from the area; the killer does their best to hunt down and eliminate the survivors.

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Past crossovers have seen characters like Silent Hill's Pyramid Head, Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface, Halloween's Michael Myers (or The Shape, for you true John Carpenter fans), and Stranger Things' Demogorgon appear as killers. Ash Williams from Ash vs. The Evil Dead, Laurie Strode from Halloween, and Cheryl Mason from Silent Hill 3 are among the characters who've appeared as survivors. We don't yet know who from Resident Evil is coming to the game, but it seems likely that a big gross monster and the intrepid survivors who have bested them will be among the cast.

While details about the Dead By Day event were a little thin, the Resident Evil Showcase had a whole lot of other RE information for fans. It included a new trailer and new upcoming demos for Resident Evil Village, as well as the announcement of the return of the arcade shooter mode The Mercenaries to the franchise. We also learned when to expect Netflix's animated Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and found out that Resident Evil 4 is coming to virtual reality on the Oculus Quest 2.

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