Dead By Daylight Update Releases Ahead Of Tome III: Escalation

Balance changes and quality of life updates available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Android.


Dead by Daylight has received a big update, with all-new features, content, bug fixes, quality of life adjustments, and balance changes included. Update 3.7.0 is set to get the game ready ahead of the scheduled release of Tome III: Escalation on April 29.

Maps such as Coolwind Farms and MacMillian Estate are being altered with the new tools the developers have implemented. Various maps will have changes to the size, layout, spacing, and spawning mechanics, with aspects of the maps being balanced to remove some unfair exploits players have been utilizing.

One of the main mechanics in the game for the survivors is repairing generators in order to escape. The devs have made two major changes to this mechanic in the update: reduced efficiency when repairing with other survivors and skill check bonuses. The speed reduction for repairing a generator with other survivors has been raised to 15%, with the reduction increasing by a further 15% per additional survivor.

The amount of points earned for great skill checks has been doubled from 150 points to 300, while the bonus progression percentage has been reduced to 1%. The two repair perks, Prove Thyself and Stake Out, have been altered too. Prove Thyself repair bonus speed has been increased from 10% to 15%, while Stake Out’s great skill check bonus has been raised to 2%.

Various quality of life improvements have been added as well in the update. Legion tracking has been altered so that The Legion will now regain their tracking abilities as soon as Feral Frenzy ends, rather than at the end of their fatigue. The developers have added more visual effects and audio to the animation for attempting to escape the hook in order to make it more obvious that the character is taking damage and speeding up the sacrifice.

The perk icon for Head On will now light up with a timer when ready to be activated, giving players a better understanding of when the perk is available to be used. The mori animation has been updated, now beginning to play once a short interaction is complete in order to avoid the mori from being cancelled repeatedly to annoy someone.

Lastly, the developers have further updated the projection hit improvements they made a few months back. Now, coming within range of an injured survivor will have a lingering effect, allowing players to get a protection hit a few seconds after the injured survivor moves away.

The new Tome and Rift will release on April 29. Dead by Daylight is available on PC, Xbox One, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Android and PS4. Currently the game is available for $12 on Xbox One as a part of Microsoft's Un-Halloween Horror Sale.

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