Dead By Daylight's Portrait Of A Murderer DLC Launches Today With New Trailer

The latest original chapter for Dead By Daylight brings a new killer and new survivor, as well as a new map inspired by surrealist artwork.


A new murder monster has arrived in Dead By Daylight to terrorize players, as part of the game's newest DLC pack, dubbed Portrait of a Murderer. The new chapter releases today alongside a new trailer to give a hint at what kind of horrific ends you'll meet (or dole out) with The Artist in the game.

Portrait of a Murderer is a new original chapter for Dead By Daylight, adding a couple of new characters to the game who aren't tied to other, existing franchises. The DLC focuses on its new killer, Carmina Mora, and a new Survivor, Jonah Vasquez. Carmina, also known as The Artist, sports spooky crow powers. Her Birds of Torment ability allows her to send birds to attack survivors, flying along a set path ahead of her and highlighting victims they find along the way.

Dead By Daylight looks to compound the avian-focused fear with a new map called the Forsaken Boneyard. The setting is inspired by surrealist artwork. Check out the trailer below.

The DLC isn't the only thing going on with Dead By Daylight this week, however. The game is also launching on the Epic Game Store on December 2, and it'll be free for Epic users through December 8. On top of that, several of the game's DLC expansions will be on sale for half off. Dead By Daylight supports cross-play, so if you decide to snag it from the Epic Store, you'll still be able to play with friends on other platforms.

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