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Dead By Daylight Is Adding Cross-Play And Progression Across All Consoles

The Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia versions of the game will soon let everyone play with each other and share progression between them.


Dead By Daylight is getting a big update for the console versions soon, and it will add cross-play and progression to the game, as well as letting you access your full list of friends who are playing the game across different systems.

In an update on the game's site, the development team has detailed how all of this will work. The game, which already features cross-play between the Steam and Windows 10 versions, and after extensive testing the game's team is planning on expanding out further.

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Cross-play and friends lists are coming to the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the games, allowing them to play with friends on other consoles or on the PC version. A specific date has not been set, but it's "coming really soon," the post says. The team will continue to monitor the situation once the update is live to make sure that the game is balanced and fair. Players will also be able to opt-out if they want to.

The upcoming Stadia version is not part of this line-up, but it will be receiving cross-progression. The first rollout of cross-progression will target the Stadia, PC, and Switch versions in September, and players "will be able to share their progression, purchases, and inventory." Making this possible was pretty complicated, the post explains, so players will need to create a new "Behaviour Account" to merge their progression between systems.

The post also addresses the mobile version of the game, and says that making it part of their cross-play agenda is not on the cards for now. "The game system and architecture are significantly different," the post explains. "We are prioritizing the release of cross-play between PC & Consoles first to make sure that the experience is smooth for the players on those platforms."

Dead by Daylight recently added Silent Hill content, which is the closest thing we've had to a new Silent Hill game in some time.

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