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Dead By Daylight Dungeons And Dragons Crossover Detailed, Castlevania Collaboration Teased

Roll for initiative… or else.


After teasing the announcement on social media late last week, Behavior Interactive released full details on the next crossover event coming to Dead By Daylight--Dungeons And Dragons, which will introduce a new Killer, two new Survivors, a new map, and more.

The Dead By Daylight: Dungeons And Dragons event will introduce Vecna, the Lord Of The Rotted Tower, to the game as a Killer character. He wields the Book of Vile Darkness, which allows him to cast four spells in pursuit of survivors:

  • Fly, which lets him fly over obstacles for a short time
  • Flight Of The Damned, which summons ghost-like creatures that can pass through obstacles and damage anyone they make contact with
  • Mage Hand, which creates a magic floating hand that completes tasks for Vecna
  • Dispelling Sphere, which sends a moving energy sphere across the map that can reveal Survivors and disable certain items
Vecna in Dead By Daylight: Dungeons And Dragons
Vecna in Dead By Daylight: Dungeons And Dragons

The event will also add a pair of Survivors to the mix, both of whom are bards--the elf Aestri Yazar and the human Baermar Uraz. Each bard possesses the same perks when selected:

  • Mirrored Illusion, which creates a decoy version of the character in front of specific points on the map
  • Bardic Inspiration, which gives each Survivor certain perks based on a d20 roll
  • Still Sight, which reveals the locations of Totems, Generators, and Chests by standing still for a short time

Finally, a new map based on Dungeons and Dragons' Forgotten Ruins will be added via the update. The map features multiple chests with contents depending on the roll of a d20; those contents are as follows:

  • 1 (Critical Fail): A "nasty surprise"
  • 2-3: Normal item
  • 4-19: Magical items which automatically equips and can be used to repel Vecna's attacks
  • 20 (Critical Success): One of two magical items that acts like perks
    • The Eye Of Vecna: User can disappear for a short time after exiting a locker
    • The Hand Of Vecna: User can teleport from one locker to another

The D&D event wasn't the only collaboration mentioned during the livestream, however, as the event ended with a brief teaser for a Castlevania-themed event. The event is scheduled for "later this year," with more information coming August 6.

Dead By Daylight is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Other features coming to the game for its eighth anniversary include a 2v8 mode and a new standalone co-op roguelite game.

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